August 19th, 2008


FFXI! And WoW and TV and Avatar and fanfic in general~

Even though my chocobo isn't finished yet, I'm impatient and keep trying to race. I beat the mission race I was stuck on! Two down, three more to go! :P I should have taken screenshots, but I kind of forgot. It was the race with all the mobs. Dhalmel, sheep, rabbit, flytrap, and a couple of chocobos. It was raining, so the track was muddy. The flytrap got its feet stuck in the mud. That's quite a feat for a footless mob!

Bird is currently:
STR: Outstanding (second highest, going up to highest before done)
END: Outstanding
DIS: Average
REC: A Bit... (one step below Average, going up to Average)

So close! As soon as REC goes up one level, I'm going to toss chocobucks at it to recap STR back to highest, then retirement!

It boggles me how much work went into this bird. I've never been embarrassed by the time I've put into FFXI stuff before, but this time I've crossed the line. I put over 200 RL hours (and counting!) into just "free" chocobo racing -- and over three million gil. I'm quite sure that four 12-14 hour days of doing nothing but free racing has contributed to my current burn out. But! The bird is almost done, then all that work will pay off! Oh, I'll never ever come close to getting that three million back, but I'll have an item that turns me into a chocobo chick! That's worth it, right? :P

And speaking of items I spend too much on, I did end up ordering that fugly RL necklace for the in-game cool shirt. I thought about it a whole lot and decided to do it. I have the $50 to spend, and I don't usually buy stuff for myself, so...

WoW: WoW is accomplishing what I wanted it to do, though not in the way I expected. I wanted it to renew my desire to play FFXI, and it was supposed to do so by relaxing me -- a MMO vacation! However, it's doing exactly the opposite. I'm driving myself to level to 40, and of course stressing myself out and stuff. :P I now look forward to logging on to FFXI to do my daily stuff there as a break from WoW! Heh, how backwards is that?

Hit 36 tonight. Four more levels until I can skill fishing more! XPing was a serious bitch tonight. Raptors and crocs aggroing me endlessly, and some Loch Ness Monster mobs were swarming me non-stop, and those cute little fish beastmen things? Murlocs or whatever? They no longer count as 'cute' in my book! ("Yes please make cute sounds while killing me. That'll make it so much less insulting! 9.9 ") ...okay, I can't stay mad at them. They are still cute. *snuggles them*

TV: EEE! EEE! EEE! I heard familiar music, so I glanced over at the TV! Pushing Daisies is coming back on October first! Eeeeeee! Best. TV. Show. Ever! So wacky and funky and quirky and magical! I've missed it so much! It's just so totally unlike anything else on TV!

Avatar: Speaking of the best show on TV... ;) ... oh man, drat. I had some fanfic recs but the URLs are all at work. Drat. Oh well, will post them tomorrow! Eeeeeeeee, little kid Zuko is now my new favorite fanfic thing! Though Jet/Zuko is amazingly OMG, too. And another story where all the kid characters are all grown up! Man, I need to start a file on all these on-going stories or something, don't want to miss chapters. :D

Fanfic: I think it was isiscolo who wrote a few years back how TV characters cursing in a fanfic seemed OOC to her. No matter if the characters would curse, they never did in the TV series so not cursing is IC for them. I'm finding that issue in Avatar fics -- for me, when I see a character cursing, it just totally knocks me out of the story's mood.

I find that kind of odd, because things like sex and drinking should do the same thing, no? We never see it on TV, so it's not IC for the characters, but seeing a curse in dialog really jars, where as something like sex doesn't. I guess that's probably because relationships are worked up to, explained, made IC, where cursing isn't?

Anyway, long post is long! I better post this before I babble on all night. :D *bouncie!*
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