August 21st, 2008


Dr. Shantotto is a big fat cheater. (FFXI, WoW, RL)

Mission race #... 4? Whatever the one before the costume torque race is. Against some chocobos and a handful of Shantotto's things. Middle of the race:

What the hell. >< How in the world is the damned race not stopped right there? What sense is letting the race continue after that? Stupid CRA officials. >< Whatever. I beat the race on the second attempt, even though she did that every time.

Tomorrow: Chick costume! Assuming I have enough chocobucks to race enough times to win!

I'm very pleased with my bird, all the work I put into him is paying off and he's not even finished being raised yet! He's not even a "super" level bird yet! If I can't beat tomorrow's race in a few tries, I'm going to have to stop and put my bucks into finishing the bird before I keep throwing him at it.

ToAU 44: The attempt got called off because poor Ulti still doesn't have his account back. I wasn't bothered much by that because I had a headache all day, haven't slept all week, and work sucks and I just wanted to do nothing stressful at all. So: next week!

WoW: See that paragraph above? About not wanting to do stressful stuff? Yeah, that turned out to be really funny. The city I'm in has a quest series, four quests all in the same zone and roughly the same area of it. Three of the four have the exact same name. Being the FFXI player that I am, once I accept a quest I google to get multiple pages about it. I check where I'm exactly going, the cords of the mobs, any comments people have left about them, etc. I check the quest name, zone, and starting NPC to make sure we're all talking about the same quest.

Can you see tonight's issue? So to get to (what I thought was) my quest, you had to travel through some mountains, around that human castle that wanted to kill me last night, and find a tiny little crack in a wall that would lead you to a ledge over the mobs you needed. Even with the cords, it took me 45 minutes to finally get to that spot (and a trip not unlike that FFXI CoP one where you're walking along the ledges up to the top of that mountain). I finally got there, killed a mob. Hmmm, why didn't I get text on the screen saying I was at 1/10? Killed another. No credit. Read the quest info closer. ... ><

So back I went, did the other quests by the same name, finally got back to that one. Because I now knew the trick of how to get there, it took me only ~20 minutes to get to that ledge. Cheered when I got there! Hit a wrong key. Fell off it and into the pack of mobs. ... ><

So, yeah. No use even finding my body, I just revived in the graveyard.

I played for about 3 hours tonight, and only got half a level (37 -> 37.5). I cannot believe that I suck so badly at such an easy game. This is actually quite embarrassing. I get much much much better XP when I just kill stuff farming-style.

Pretty screenshot: After leaving the headache that is the Undercity (I still have to google every time to find out how to get the hell out of that city, I should write it down!), I got a nice shot of my kitty being all ghosty in the moonlight.

RL: I'm so amazingly happy tomorrow is Friday. I need a vacation so badly. I hit the PTO cap at work. The last time I took a vacation day was the day my cat had a stroke (not very vacation-ish!). Before that the last day was almost a year ago. Basically I only take time off when I hit the cap and have to so I don't lose time. Next week I have a couple days off, and yay Labor Day! So that'll be an extra-long weekend for me. I can't wait, I really need to relax a little.
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Cheery thought of the night:

No matter what wacky bedroom things you're into, no matter how wild and out-there you think you are, there will always be someone stranger than you. (Link is NWS, even though no bits are shown.)

Blow-up purple penguin fetish, anyone?

Edit: Added bonus link! An adult gay book was mentioned in a blog, so I hit up Amazon to find out more. *rolls* What's wrong with this picture? Hint: I highlighted it, at the bottom. I'd like to know more about that school! (Image is mostly work safe? The word 'Boner' is in kind of large text. No bad images.)
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