August 22nd, 2008


Best. Day. Ever! In FFXI and WoW!

200+ RL hours, 3 million+ gil, and finally:

YAY! However, there's a story behind that! And winning is only half of the FFXI great day!

So, there's a day wait between mission races. JP Midnight is 8 AM by me, so I figured I'd go in to work a bit late so I could make a couple attempts this morning. There I was, twiddling my thumbs and waiting for 8 AM, when upon my screen appeared a shout:

"I'm quitting FFXI! Everything must go! Bazaar @ Auction House, everything 1g!"

Oh. My. God. I'd heard stories about that, but I've never ever been lucky enough to catch one! She sold five bazaars full of stuff. I got about 85 items all for 1 gil each! Plus she recognized me, I had done crafting for her, so she gave me stuff personally, too! Now it's true I didn't get any million gil items, the most expensive thing was a 70K ring plus a couple 55K weapons, most everything else was in the 2-20K range... but I got all that for free!

I moved every single one of my mules with an airship pass to Jeuno and started sending stuff away. Since I've been on a sort-of break I've had almost no income, so this was a really, really nice thing. I'll have stuff to sell for ages! :D

So anyway, she finished selling everything right around 8 AM, so I got to do some races. 1) Lost -- second place. 2) Lost -- second place. 3) Lost -- third place. 4) Lost -- second place. >< Why did I lose so much? Simple: Damned cheating NPCs! Again! Racers are supposed to be able to use only one object, PCs can only use one object. Does this look like one object to you?

How in the hell are you supposed to beat that? ><

Luckily, like so much of FFXI, there's a trick to lock bad things. Foulweather Frog to make the weather rainy. The cheating little cactuar cannot do that move in the rain! So race #5? WIN!

I'm so glad I live alone. I actually raised my arms over my head and yelled "YES!" when I won. Heehee, so silly.

Oh, and this may be the cutest screenshot I've ever taken: Are you my mommy? I wore the costume around Whitegate and got lots of attention. :D

Oh oh oh! And one last thing: Like so much of FFXI, there's plot and CSs packed in wherever they can be. Can you believe that's true of the mission races as well? The CSs were really well done -- text blurred to prevent spoilers, but isn't that still pretty?

I was amusing myself today: Some people have completed CoP missions. Some have completed ToAU. Some have completed ZM. Some have completed all of those. But how many people can say they've completed the race missions! :D (Actually, I can't yet. :P There's one more to do, the Dream Race against the white chocobo, but I need to concentrate on finishing raising my birdie first. Can you believe he's done all this while still not at full stats? :D )


kelen shall have all of my babies from now on. He showed me a plugin that does this: This deserves to use IMG tags as much as the chick pictures, but it's too big. Excuse the language but: My. Fucking. God. As soon as I got that working, my first thought was: "I wish I had that in FFXI-- No, in real life!". I could almost cry. I get so damned amazingly lost, I mean like 99.999999999% of the time. I literally can get lost in a one-room building. You mark on the map where you want to go, or click on a mob/NPC name in a quest description, and you get those arrows. God. If I had that in RL, it would be literally life changing. I cannot put into words the stress something like that takes off me, even "just" in-game. :D

And in case people don't believe me when I describe myself as "an ugly bull-thing", here's a rare picture of me from the front: Moooo! I say rare because I can never get the camera to swing around to the front without me moving as well, so I almost never see it myself either.


And lastly, very belatedly for gbeans, she had said she hoped I took screenshots of these. She should have said she hoped I wouldn't have forgotten I took them! :P They're from so long ago that I wouldn't have posted them if the poses in them weren't so cool.

Mimas, Pallas. I don't know if those are especially cool shots or if it's because I've been playing WoW so much lately, but wow. In the Mimas one, look how realistic the pose is, how you can see that my weapon weighs a whole lot. In the Pallas one, look at my foot. Look how amazing that animation is, you can see I'm standing on the balls of my foot! Man, I could easily fall in love with FFXI again. :D
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