August 24th, 2008


I look like a real WoW character now! (WoW, FFXI)

Didn't do much in FFXI-land. Since I had spent the whole day racing for chocobucks yesterday, I could hardly even bring myself to log on to do my daily work today. Played WoW until noon then switched to dig/H&C/check mules.

Almost all the 1 gil stuff from that chick who quit sold! I estimate having gotten 650-700K from her. :D That's pretty darned nice.

Vel wanted to see what the gold cup trophy looked like, so here it is! You also get a spiffy title. Crystal Stakes Cupholder, I think it was.

God, switching back and forth between WoW and FFXI multiple times a day is killing my brain. I can't leave my mouse alone in FFXI! And I expect to come back to see me sitting/AFK after I've been away! Get with it, brain!

In WoW-land, I worked way too hard today. However I got two levels, hitting 40! Yay! For the first time ever, the 'XPing/leveling through quests' thing worked for me. I had like six quests in the same general area, so I could work on them all at once and then turn them in. Some of them were surprisingly fun, like blowing up oozes!

One of the quests I did in another area had me on a rollercoaster though. It was one of those 'find X things underwater!' quests. I think I hate those more than any kind. I can't see well underwater from above (glare!) and below water you have the breath counter counting down towards your death... So since I was trying for no stress, I invested (too much) in some breathing potion. 1.50 gold for a low level quest. :/ Once I bought it, I was kicking myself... but then I reread the quest info. After the 10 items I needed, each 5 extra items would get me 55 silver! Hmmmmmmm. So I used my whole hour underwater and got 20 extra items... only to find out that that comment had been out of date and Blizzard removed the money option. :P Ha ha ha on me! However, the ride wasn't over yet! The comments on the quest warned that on some servers it could be hard to do, because there's a good fishing pole that sometimes comes from the thingies, so farmers sometimes camp them. The first one I opened: Fishing pole! :D :D Yay! And I got a second one before I was done, so one for me and one to sell! But boy, did I go from kicking myself to happy to kicking myself over and over again.

Lastly I'm trying to do this darned rank up quest for fishing. >< If there are many more quests like this in WoW, I might mistake it for FFXI! :P 'Catch four fish in various places around the world'. I got three of them done, but one of them took me 35 minutes to swim to the place. >< Bah! Feralas is my last remaining one. I don't think I've ever been there yet, but I'll figure it out tomorrow.

I'm semi-decided to stick with WoW (for at least another month), but I wish I could figure out what about it gives me such a raging headache (some kind of eye strain, I think). FFXI doesn't do that to me... I'm going to have to look into picking up BC, I guess. D mentioned being able to download it from their site, but I'd rather have an actual CD. Also, have to think about if I'm going to switch servers or not... $25 is kind of a lot of money, especially on top of how much BC will cost. :/

And one last thing! I'm starting to look like a grown-up big WoW character now! Level 40 = I can wear mail! So look: Shoulders! And aren't I starting to look fierce instead of 'a silly cow-thing'? It's funny, but I had never thought about what classifies a WoW character as high level or not. Big giant shoulders! Moving/glowing armor weapons! And I have my first moving part (sort of) -- my cape swishes as I walk! It's amusing how my silly cow tail gets caught on it, too. Heehee.
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