August 25th, 2008


*pantpant* Need more time! (FFXI, WoW, email)

There's enough time in the day to work and play FFXI.
There's enough time in the day to work and play WoW.
There is not enough time in the day to work and play FFXI and play WoW.

My plan to do a mission race and a money race each day fails as of today -- Monday! My first work day of the plan! How not surprising! :P

I guess I'll plan on doing the mission race once per day, and the money race as I can... at least until I beat this final mission race, then I can concentrate on money races. 50 bucks per mission race attempt, 80 per money race. Many, many, many hours of so-called "free" races to make them. :/

PS: I really hate the new economy.


Thanks to this morning's September update teaser info, I'm trying to sell all my capped crap now, before the market crashes on low level stuff. That haubergeon and one sniper's ring are the two big-ticket items, have one more sniper's on the AH waiting to move. About 40 other assorted capped things, mostly DRK capped for CoP crap. I've freed up half of a mule! Yay!


WoW: I forgot the other thing I wanted to do at 40! I had read you could solo the WC instance thingie at 40, so I tried that out! I bet it would have been safer at quite a bit lower level, it was silly-easy at 40. I found and beat four of the five bosses (couldn't find the fifth area at all, plus had to get going to catch Eco on FFXI), and got each one's "rare" drop. Too bad the darned things bind when you pick them up! Had to vendor them.

Know what WoW is really lacking in? Good maps. When you're in someplace like Wailing Caverns, what good is a map that shows you the whole outside zone with just a little " c " as WC's mouth? Things like cities need good maps, too.

Anyway! WC took a whole two hours, eek. I was expecting maybe an hour. And I walked out with so much stuff, it took me another hour to get it all AHed. Heehee. I felt bad dropping things and leaving things un-looted (usually I take everything and just vendor the crap), but I needed room for the better stuff.


Email: I think my work network is now blocking just my email and control panel (site management stuff) on catlove. o.O Just the areas I have to log in to, I can still see the webpages just fine. If that's the case, I'm going to have to switch to gmail as my primary account. :/

I'll be replying to LJ comments once I'm done posting this. Usually I reply to them from work, so I'm a bit late today. Sorry! <3
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