August 27th, 2008



gg there, Fox News.

If you feel the need to wash the taste of that out of your mouth, check out this video. Innocent hardworking Fox News reporter goes into a crowd of "leftists" protesting the war, and the chants change to "Fuck Fox News", heehee.
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Avatar: Zuko

Avatar: Good! FFXI: Bad! WoW: RL: *pants*

Hey new Avatar people! I never noticed that there are a bunch of specials/shorts online! You can find them here! School Time Shipping is just too amazingly cute and funny! And I loved seeing the voice actors in the Behind the Scenes one! I've watched only half of them so far, but they're really really great!


My ToAU mission luck is leaking over into other missions. The damned last mission chocobo race. It takes most people 2-3 attempts to beat it. The most attempts it's taken anyone was 7. I lost attempt #14 tonight. >< No one has a bird with better stats than me -- plenty of people have a chocobo with equal stats, but it's impossible to have better. People with lesser stats have beaten the race on the first try. So why the hell can't I!!!

So far just this one mission race alone has cost me 238K gil and approaching 20 hours of free racing. All for a big fat nothing.

Speaking of such things, no clue if we're trying 44 again tomorrow. Last I heard, poor Ulti still didn't have his account back. But hey, ha ha, the numbers match! 14 failed 44 attempts and 14 failed Dream Race attempts! Boy do I suck!


Irony of ironies, I'm actually recovering my desire to play FFXI. Assuming racing doesn't kill it again, I'm going to start going to Dynamis to save up points for COR AF. Unfortunately there's no way I'll have enough points to lot before the September update. :( Two points per run, two runs per week, need 12 to lot. Oh well.

On the WoW end of things, I basically haven't played the last couple days. A couple days ago I was logged on long enough to do one quest ("kill whatevers and bring me back 10 thingies"), the day after that I logged on long enough to hand in the fish for the rank up quest, and today I logged on only long enough to check my mail.

Ha ha, I can't keep writing my post, I keep getting distracted by my icon. :D *licks him*

And speaking of hot! No clue how I'll sleep tonight. 10 PM and it's still 80 outside.
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