August 28th, 2008


Big day! FFXI: YAY! WoW: Yay! RL: Yay and Awwwww

289,000 gil. More than 20 hours of free racing for chocobucks. And finally:

Dream Race: Beaten! It took 17 tries, which is a laughable new record up from 7 tries. But YAY! All done! Now at the most I'll have to race 1.5 hours a day for bucks (it costs 80 bucks to enter the races for money, but if I win first place I get 80 back! Lesser amounts for second/third place, but every buck I win is one fewer I have to make!).

The final mission CSs were really, really good. They had that "new quality" animation that the WotG CSs have. It's just too bad my screenshot taking skills failed me and I'd have to beat the race again to re-watch the CSs! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Anyway, here's an example of the good stuff: White chocobo falls over a waterfall -- that darned thing tumbled, it wasn't just a static figure falling! And a chick went over, too! Text in both is blurred to prevent spoilers.

However! If you don't mind spoilers! Check this out: I wonder if/when this will come out in any non-racing CSs? I'd be interested in going there. :D

The one really good screenshot I got was this one: My chocobo sums up my feelings on this last race... Glare for me, baby. I trained you well!

It's kind of amusing and insulting that you get 10K gil in addition to the other stuff. Yeah, thanks, that makes the 289,000 I spent so much less painful! Sheesh.

Remember how anyone who has ever raced all suddenly got a trophy when they talked to the NPC? The one you get for winning the Dream Race is one step up from that, which probably means there will be another race-mission line! (The first two were bronze and mythril, and the cup line goes bronze-mythril-gold.)

Here are the gold and mythril trophies for money racing. (I haven't won a bronze yet.)

And want pretty "tables" for your mog house? Anyone can get these three for free in the Chocobo Circuit! "Trophy Stands" that save you space by eating your trophies o.O . Yep, my two trophies in the above screenshot are gone, counted in those two stands. :( I thought the trophies would be displayed on top! Oh well, when I get new ones I'll put them on top, and they're kind of pretty tables.


WoW was eventful, too! Once I finally beat the race, I logged on. Hit 41 finally, whew. Stumbled into an odd and amusing quest line. If nothing else, WoW sure can set a mood! Picture sitting on a dock out front of a run-down shack in the swamp, shooting frogs to get their legs to make frog leg stew. And these were level 1 frogs, so it really felt like I was shooting little animals, not monsters. Heehee. The last quest in that area did an odd thing when I accepted it. The NPC told me something like "For the Alliance!" and I just sort of boggled and peered at him. Hello? Big giant bull-thing here? Four times your size? Horde species? Whatever, thanks for the XP.

One thing I greatly dislike about WoW is the PvP (and I'm not even on a PvP server). This damned dwarf (ten levels below me, no less!) wouldn't leave me the hell alone. I was trying to deal with clearing an area, I had 4-5 mobs on me at all times, and this damned idiot stayed right in my face and jumped up and down endlessly. I couldn't see well enough to target and I was worried I'd target him by mistake. If that wasn't asshole-y enough, he then camped and kept killing the NPC I was clearing to get to. >< I don't need that crap. I went to do something else, then came back later. I can't imagine playing on a PvP server, it must be like that all the time.

While doing other stuff, I found one of those good elites! Drogoth the... Something. He dropped nice boots (an upgrade from what I had been using) and some other stuff I can sell. Yay!

And yay! Draque had the good idea for me to make a new character on their server, that way I wouldn't have to pay for a transfer! (I keep forgetting that in WoW people really do play multiple characters, that that's not an odd thing.) Unfortunately, since I wanted to play a... um... druid or shaman (the one that turns into animals, I keep forgetting which is which) I had to be a bull again. Oh well, at least I know the starting area really well! I named him Thack. Sort of rhymes with someone who used to play WoW. ;) Someone whose IC SO could change into animals, too! *stalker~* (Wish I could claim that was on purpose. One of the many names I tried was Thacker (character from a book), and that was taken so I shortened it. It was only after that I noticed the connection! )

D also gave me way too much money and too many bags. :D <3 My main character only got those bags a week or so ago! Having so much space so early in is really nice. :D


RL: I'm kicking myself. I'm on a long weekend, and when I don't go to work I totally lose track of the time. I missed all of Gore's and Obama's speeches! Gah. :/ I heard Gore's was really good too. I <3 him, I had really, really wanted to hear it.

Man, if even a month ago someone had told me I would be sorry to miss political speeches, I would never have believed it. :P

Unfortunately the Republican National Convention is coming up in a couple days. I'm going to have to avoid TV and radio during that time, otherwise I'll just get all annoyed and disgusted again.

I can't believe I still have four more days off! Life is pretty good right now. :D

PS: I love the Mac Vs PC commercials. I actually just hit rewind so I could watch a new one! *giggles* They're so cute together, I wish I could find that Mac/PC (people) slash I read way back when.
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