August 29th, 2008

Angry scribble cat


Confirmation that McCain picked Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his VP. *holds head* (Edit: It's just been confirmed on TV, too.)

Okay, so what now. All the Republicans who said they'd never vote for a woman president are going to have no issues with this? When McCain is 72 years old and could fall over dead any moment now?

I'm so sick of all this. It's still months before the election and I've had enough.

I guess I have to say if Hillary supporters vote for him just based on that, ignoring her record, we'll get just what we deserve.

I'm sorry, rest of the world. If this goes bad, all I can do is apologize (as I've been doing every four years)...
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Day #2 of vaction: Bored.

Ha ha ha I suck at being on vacation. By midmorning I was bored out of my mind. (And hot, too! Pleased to be stop being 90+ every day.)

I actually went to Campaign today, and on COR no less. (COR sucks for reward on, I got about half of what RDM would have gotten.) But I wanted to get more buffer, since I'll be, like, doing stuff on it now. Went from 24K to 34K buffer, which is really more than is necessary, but if I ever leveled down on COR I'd run myself through with a fork or something.

Logged onto WoW even though I didn't feel like it. Rested XP lasted through one quest. Fished a bit. Logged out.

And now would you believe I'm chocobo racing! I'm so bored I'm willingly doing the most boring thing ever! Ha ha ha.


The meat of this post is the stuff I've been reading around my flist and comments today. Such good stuff! I wanted to collect and share some of it here.

gmth made a good point on Sarah Palin: "Sexism and racism are still very much alive in this country, and I have been worried all along that people were going to forget all the shit George Bush has done to this country and vote for the Republican candidate -- whoever he turned out to be -- for no other reason than they didn't want a woman or an African-American to hold the office.

With a woman in the VP spot on the Republican ticket, the playing field has been leveled. People are going to have to face their racism or sexism in order to make a choice." Whole post here.

tharpy made a good point -- one that made me laugh out loud: "I like the fact that McCain's answer to the experience argument is to pick someone who is YOUNGER and LESS experienced than Obama." Comment here.

And Mr. "More Conservative Than naikitty" barahirffxi ( ;) ) searched the Internet high and low to disprove that Fox News screenshot from the other day, the Obama / Biden - Osama Bin Laden one. While it had amused me muchly, it does look like he's correct. Judge for yourself: The screenshot that was passed around, the the original version. Do not play the video and look for anything, it's just that initial 'teaser" image. (A comment in Nai's LJ about this find pretty much sums it up for me. helpmesuck said, "the facvt it's even vaguely believable is pretty telling in and of itself.")

Well, posting this killed some time! Now I need to find something else to do. :P I suck at vacations, this is why I always sit at max PTO at work.
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