August 30th, 2008


Vacation Day #3: Better! (FFXI, Firefly)

I hate XPing, so one would think doing it all day wouldn't be a good day, but it wasn't bad at all! Well, other than the job I was working on. I really really would like to know the thought process behind Dancer.

Women and children, "Help! Monsters are attacking the city!"
Dancer arrives on the scene. "Do not fear! I shall save you! By... dancing!"

Started at DNC 8, soloed to 12, then wanted to watch a movie so went and put up my flag in the Dunes. (Yeah, ha ha ha.) Watched the whole movie before I finally gave up and went back to soloing. Of course, before I even killed one mob, I got an invite. So back to the Dunes I went!

Oddly, though none of my parties ever had six people and none had anything close to a traditional setup, they were all fine. (For once I wasn't cursing PLs.) Went from 12 to 16.

The PLD in the last party was insane. He was eating rabbit pies in the Dunes. 200K/stack, 15K each. I told him to his face he was crazy for doing that...

Anyway! The movie I wanted to watch was Serenity! And wow was it good. Based on that, I was kicking myself for missing the series. Luckily I found it online, so I'm going to start watching it tomorrow. :D
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