August 31st, 2008

Snape approves!

Old West and Space is a better combo than even Chocolate and Peanut Butter!

Would someone please tell me how in the world Firefly got canceled? I watched the first seven eps today and I loved every single thing about it, from the largest to the tiniest detail.

I loved every character.
I loved (loved loved loved) the Chinese that was mixed in with the dialog -- such a world-builder!
Heck, I loved the dialog itself! The choice of words! How often do you hear 'suss' used on TV? And 'palaver'?
I loved every costume, every background, the mix of Chinese and Old West with more space-y fictional stuff.
I loved the idea behind the Companions.

Unfortunately, I can sort of answer my own question: This was the damned smartest show I've seen on TV in a long time. And the humor was not sitcom canned laughter crap, it was real, honest humor. I can see how poorly this would fly to most Americans. :/ But why hasn't it been given life on some other network? The SciFi Channel? Or USA or something?

I'm kicking myself for having missed it at the time it was broadcast, especially since that was one more person contributing towards its cancellation. :/

Never before have I read a book, watched a TV series, or watched a movie where there was not one single element or detail that I disliked. Even in my most favorite book/TV/movie there's something that didn't work for me. In the seven eps I've watched so far, I've loved every second and every detail about it! That boggles me, especially since if you had asked me what the perfect thing for me would be, there's no way I would have described Firefly. :D

I love how 'grey' the characters are -- no one's a pure good guy. But really, I love the world as much as any of the characters, the mix of Chinese and Old West works so well! And things like cows being transported on a space ship! :D

I can't wait to watch the rest of the eps! And now I want to read fanfic, too! And I haven't even scratched the surface of Avatar fanfic yet! I need so much more free time.

If anyone out there hasn't watched it yet, please do yourself a favor and do so. You can find the whole series online here -- link leads to first eps, links to others are under that one.


FFXI/WoW: I didn't do much else today, other than watch Firefly all day. On the FFXI front I waited seven hours for a darned race. >< The two highest level races (C1/C2) each share a timeslot once per hour, so one hour you'll get a C1 and the next you'll get a C2. However there were seven C2s in a row today. >< And the amusing thing? When a C1 finally opened? I came in almost last place. Ha ha ha, all that time spent waiting for nothing! (Luckily I was watching eps so it wasn't wasted.)

On WoW, I didn't do much either. Logged on for maybe an hour and did a quest, then came back later and logged on log enough to list stuff at the AH. At least I hit level 42? Maybe by next week I'll hit 43! :P But that's the reason I level so slowly, I guess -- I just hate XPing so I don't do it.

I did go shopping though, which is something I enjoy on both games! I got a new cape from a quest, which is much much much prettier than my last one. But I bought a new helm-thing too, and now I'm back to being amazingly horribly ugly. How the hell are my horns even sticking out of that? It's not like there are any visible holes or anything. And for once I actually wish I were colorblind. So so so ugly. At least I only ever see myself from the back...
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