September 2nd, 2008


Shhhh, a Dynamis secret! (FFXI)

I have a secret and it makes me feel guilty. I've been to a grand total of 5 Dynamises and I have 6 pieces of AF2. That hardly seems fair! I got two tonight, RDM boots and WHM hat. (Freelot on both, we got... 4 boots? and like 4 DRG somethings and 4 WAR somethings and at least 3 RNG somethings.) My first time with them and I got two things. Bad me!

Surprisingly, it was pretty different than all of my other Dynamis experiences, too. Time passed pretty quickly, I wasn't looking at the clock every five minutes wishing it was over. A big big big part of my enjoyment was that /p and /l were not full of "lol", "u", "ur", and all that crap that I hate so much. It's amazing how the lack of that stuff can improve things.

Saturday is Dynamis-Bubu! Which I had thought you needed to beat the Northlands to get clearance to, but you don't so yay! I'm going to need to sit down and craft bullets before then, because man I used a ton of them (and cards, too!).

I did die once, but it was totally unavoidable. Whenever I WSed I got hate (and because things died so quickly I couldn't time it to let my WS kill the mob), and one time I got hate it EESed me for 2459 -- roughly double my HP.

I'm very happy that I didn't hate this at all. I finally got to play COR again and it passed time nicely and it seems like the LS is full of good people and not just a random mob of strangers there only for for stuff.

Can't wait to see what Bubu is like on Saturday!

And on a RL note, the tai chi class I wanted to take started two weeks ago, bah. I'm poking around for someplace else I might be able to take it, but otherwise I'll just wait until the winter signups and try again then.
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