September 6th, 2008


Productive day (FFXI, Firefly)

First: Serenity is a way more depressing movie when you know who the characters are. D: They killed off too many people! But yay, my Amazon box arrived and so now I have the comics as well as a book called Finding Serenity which is described as a bunch of essays written by folks who worked on the show. Can't wait to read it!

FFXI: Dyn-Bubu went well! I got no deaths, a clear, and Abyss Gauntlets -1. I'm really wondering if I'm going to bother upgrading them, it takes 28 byne bills (6-7K each), and the stats are hardly better than NQ, and I don't use the NQs anyway...

I had fun shooting from my sniper's post. :D Yeah, I was way further away than I should have been, but everything and its brother had a bad AoE so mostly I just stayed back.

Catsoup made lots of progress! Alchemy 12-30, smithing 0-14, and he started his turn-ins! Him skilling up on status boltheads rocks, since I can then send them off to Fishingbot so he can HQ the heck out of bolts. More money recoverment! *makes up words*
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