September 7th, 2008


FFXI, WoW, Uncreative subject lines.

FFXI: Catsoup hit alchemy 56. I had him skill on status boltheads as much as possible, since Fishingbot can HQ the heck out of bolts. I haven't figured out what he's going to skill on next. I'd like to do hi-pots, but having Thistle farm them and ship the unstackable vines, when Cat will need tons of them... that's just not something I want to do.

Monday: Update! Yay!
Tuesday: Dynamis - Jeuno! And COR AF2 might drop! And if so it's probably mine! (Next highest COR in the LS is 50, and while he has points and I don't, I'd really hope he doesn't lot against the person who comes on COR all the time.) Who knows what the stats will be like, but I still want it! :P
Wednesday: The next TOAU 44 attempt.

And that brings us to the 10th, which was my deadline for playing on WoW a reasonable amount of time or turning off my account. Seems pretty clear that I won't be having time for it, but I'm dragging my feet about turning it off. (Which is kind of silly, since I played a grand total of 45 minutes in the last week...) If I do turn it off, I doubt it'll be for three years again. Hopefully not, anyway.

Work is going to be annoying in the next two weeks. :/ Not looking forward to that at all.
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Edit: ani_mama is taking commissions again! And as if her artwork wasn't reason enough to jump on this, she's doing it for a good cause this time. :) You can find further information here! She's the person who did my Thistle Corsair in my main icon, so if you've wanted something like that, now's your chance!

This video confuses me a whole lot. (NWS -- everyone stays dressed, but it's as close to sex as dancing can get.) You'll have to click the 'age confirmation' button to see it.

Is that some kind of a foreign country music video? (And please, might I have a little less screaming in my music?) The kid (12-ish years old) appears to have no idea what he's doing... or he's just trying to kill the woman with pelvic thrusts. It's like watching a chihuahua trying to have sex with a normal sized dog.

Things get even wackier around 3 minutes in. Wheelbarrel sex (sort of), and hanging off the roof and stuff...

It's really pretty amazing some of the places they "have sex" in. (Again, it's just dancing... sort of.) The screaming in the music is really bad the first few minutes, then it mostly goes away (until near the end).
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