September 8th, 2008


I'm a computer, baby. (FFXI)

So the COR AF2 is called... Commodore. Allow me to say: Blah. What an awful name! Yes yes, I know it has relations to sea-things, but still. How about Pirate? or Captain? Commodore is just... blech. (Blech name to go with blech look?)

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All in all: It's about damned time that CORs got some ratt! :D Name and looks aside, I'm not unhappy at all with this stuff. :D
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What a nice update. :D (FFXI)

It's so nice to have an update that almost everyone is saying only good things about! The only bitching I'm hearing at all is coming from BLUs who wanted more skill+ on their AF2 (they're getting some but not enough? Lord knows, I didn't read it too closely).

CORs are drinking dancing in the streets.
PUPs are happy as heck.
The rental chocobos in the past are colored and armored (how cool is that?).
Tons of new quests and missions (those city mission-quest line thingies in the past, not real missions).
The XP increase rocks, it's like always having an XP band on. Really darned nice.

There's great stuff for new players, like the new tutorial NPCs. The scaling down armor stuff rocks. I haven't tried level capping yet, but people who have are saying good things about it.

Requirement for keeping/getting Campaign metals have been "adjusted" (made easier). Increased drops in Dynamis.

Tons of new armor, weapons, help with storage. Really, so much good stuff. :D

And on a more personal note! I camped the servers and jumped on the moment I could. I was the 35th person on, and set up and in position to dig in the Desert! I actually got 98 items between the two zones. o.O Nothing outstandingly good (5 coral frags were the best), but it's been years since I've been able to get so many items from there. :D

I have to, have to, have to make time to turn off my WoW account tonight. Well, and log on and pick up my mail so it doesn't vanish while I'm gone and then turn it off. I won't have time tomorrow or Wednesday. Must tonight!

Dear Mr. Taru: Eating ass =/= giving head, and get the hell away from my chocobo. I had wondered if he was a gilseller (he farms leeches nearly 24/7). Now I wish he was. c.c

Usually this wouldn't be an amusing screenshot, but that was taken at our weekly Eco event! We're all level 20 in that. :D Heehee.

And lastly, a year ago today... one of my more depressing (IC) days on game. Nai and Ronin's wedding. Stupid elves.


Edit: WoW is so unfair. I logged on to get my mail and it was raining, which is so pretty and well done, plus I had logged out in that pretty place, um, F-something, whatever it was called, lots of green (where a fish for the fishing skill quest comes from). Plus my ghost kitty is getting bigger! *sniffle* I almost couldn't cancel, but it really is silly to keep paying if I can't play, and I can always reactivate when I get more time (I'm thinking when Catsoup's alchemy is higher level).
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Wow, nice art... (RL, link)

Spammy Thistle is spammy!

This is one beautiful picture! Warning: Naked men! NWS! It's not sexual at all, but it's realistic naked men! There's nothing "gay" about this, for those on my flist who twitch over such things... not unless you feel anytime naked men are together for any reason = gay.

I wonder if that's a duplication of some famous panting done with naked men instead? It's amazing how angel-like the "flying" ones look, even though they have no wings. And the rising spirit's pose! :D The battle part of the scene is really nice, too.

I can't stop looking at it. I like how the light in the background makes a subtle cross. Such nice bodies and poses, too.

Really, just a great picture. :D
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