September 11th, 2008


"You just won the Superbowl, what are you going to do next?"

Ha ha, last night I had a dream that after beating 44, the whole party went to Disneyworld together. :P It was a fun trip! Especially that we went as a group!

One of the 'lands' (is lands the right term? Areas, like Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom) was a WoW area. It fit in oddly well with the Disney theme! Brightly colored, somewhat cartoony, all that. Well... I guess it fit in well with the Disney theme other than the whole 'monsters that aggro people' thing. :P :D

Also, apparently I was wrong about my MH being finished. I didn't notice that adding the ToAU flag made me lose my leathercrafting moglification, so I need to adjust things a bit and add more ice energy.

I can't believe I'm still grinning over all this stuff. We won! This has been quite the amazing week FFXI-wise. :D

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Question for Tivo people

My Tivo has been doing a strange thing lately. (No, it got over thinking I'm Vietnamese.) It's recording paid programming (those 30 minute long commercials), and it appears to be doing it on purpose.

It's not saving them under 'Tivo Suggestions', so it's as if I set it to record them. It lists the name of the program as "Teleworld Paid Program" with an odd icon next to it (a Tivo icon? Four colors, like in the Tivo logo, but in a circle instead). Sometimes Tivo doesn't change the channel correctly and I get odd things recorded, but when that happens it saves it under the name of the program it was trying to record. Since it's saved under 'Teleworld Paid Program' it has to have recorded this on purpose...

Is anyone else's doing something like that? Is this a new, um, service? feature? (ha) that Tivo is offering? I could thumbs down the show and see if it learns that way, but it shouldn't be recording them at all...

I did a quick googling and found nothing newer than 2007 about it.
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What's worse than finding a worm in your apple? (RL, FFXI)

Finding a half of a worm!

That joke's not so funny to me anymore. Last night I got Chinese food for dinner. Ate half of it, saved the other half for dinner tonight. Was eating, then glanced down. Under the piece I had just put in my mouth was a whole dead fly. >< Blech.

I'm so never going back to that place ever again. So gross. Darned big fly, you could see the wings and its crinkled legs and stuff. Blech.


I case you don't follow such things, AV was finally killed. How? 11 DRK zerg, at least 3 KCs in the mix. They said they killed AV so fast, it didn't have time to do anything. I'm more of a 'balanced party' kind of guy, throwing DRKs at things doesn't overly impress me. (Yeah, I know, time limit, had to kill fast...)

I've started my major synthing project. Catsoup hit Alchemy 60, but he can't skill further until I synth all the bolt heads he's made thus far, plus do all the other synthing I've been sitting on.

Done tonight: 6 stacks of shihei toolbags made. (All sold already, yay!), 4 stacks of quivers of holy bolts.
To do: The other 4/5ths of the holy bolts, an equal number of acid bolts, double that number of blind bolts (need to look if those will sell or if I'd do better selling the boltheads). 3 stacks of demon horns waiting to be turned into arrowheads (will probably sell them that way, faster selling.)

Problem is, I have a ton of stuff I want to/need to do:
I need chocobucks badly. If I don't race for them soon, I won't have enough to race for money. (I'm up a half-hour late now doing races. zzzz)
Everyone's telling me to do the new quests from this update. That requires running to the past and enough time to run around and do them.
I need to do the new Sandy questline quests, so I can go along if someone fights the BC.
I need more merits! Stupid me wasted more than two hours doing two Besiegeds today. Two hours of that for 2K XP, I could have made a ton more in Campaign in that same amount of time.

Bah, tired. As soon as this race ends, going to bed. zzzz
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