September 12th, 2008

rainbow terror alert

It's going to be a long two months... (RL, political)

When I go home for lunch, I turn on the TV. I like having the background noise. I have a strange love of The Price is Right. TV over lunchtime should be light, happy, and very much non-offensive. I totally avoid the news because I do not want to hear that crap.

So it was not a very big 'Yay!' to see the first presidential commercial of this race. Nevermind that it was McCain/Palin. Never mind that the selling point of the damned ad was that both supposedly have attacked Republicans. That they're both fighting their own party. ...right... Seriously. We're supposed to believe that.

Palin. Her town makes women who were raped pay for their own rape kits. Who has not just a bounty on wolves, but is all for shooting them from planes (because really, shooting animals with a gun is too much of a challenge! Gotta have the air support too! Darned wily wolves with their trying to stay alive!). Who has said that disabled people will always have a voice with her in office -- yet she did major cuts to support for them when she was in office.

Palin makes me froth at the mouth like no other political figure ever has. Not only is she as stupid as Bush (hello not knowing about Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae ... yeah, you got the experience to lead us out of Bush's this economic crisis!), she wants to take rights away from women (a woman... I boggle), and move us backwards instead of forward.

I swear, if they offered to take her off the ticket in exchange for me voting for McCain, I'd have to seriously consider it. This woman scares me. Look in her eyes. There is something seriously wrong with her. I call her 'insane' and I'm not totally joking about that. I mean it, look at her eyes another picture of them, there's just something not right there.

And lastly, since I'm on the subject, this made me snicker:

Pundit Kitchen is a pretty amusing site.
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Friday racing update... (FFXI)

So tired. Been synthing darned bolts for seven hours today, and this is the second day of it. zzzz I'm about halfway done. Yay? zzzz

Total gil made this week: 146,000
Total gil made thus far: 381,000
Hours spent this week/thus far: 12/30.

Came in: First: 1, Second: 4, Third: 1

If I make 150K a week, it'll take me 23 weeks to make the money back that I spent raising the bird. Almost six months before I move into any kind of profit. That's an awfully long time, maybe I'll post updates on it once a month instead (that's even assuming I stick with it that long).

Dynamis tomorrow, yay!
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