September 13th, 2008


Can we go again? Huh? Can we? Please? (FFXI)

I very much surprise myself with this first one. I would have thought that once I finally beat 44 that I'd never ever want to see it again, but with each passing day my desire to do the fight again grows. It's not even been a week yet! It wouldn't even be time for our usual repeat yet! But it's such a cool fight. :D I wonder what makes it so much fun? Not the time limit, that's used elsewhere. That there are so many foes/forms to kill? The music? How Alex's WSs look? How darned evil that Immortal is? :D Or that it's very very hard but do-able? Ha ha even just writing about it now makes me want to go again. LS people need to hurry up and get up to that point! (Not that they need a DD, alas.)

Dynamis-Bastok was tonight and I want a do-over because it wasn't fun (for totally non-event-related reasons). POL crashed nearly twenty times during it! Not my connections dying, POL going poof! Black screen! Windows error! I think I know what started it, maybe: My footrest (a big fluffy thing) somehow got pushed over and blocked the PC's vents. It felt kind of hot on the outside. I opened the case, put a big giant box fan next to it to blow inside, and turned on the AC (my apartment was getting warm as well). Everything inside is metal(?) so things should have cooled down fast? After about an hour and a half of crashing every few minutes, I finally just faced a wall (like I do in Besieged when it feels like I might crash) and only came out to roll. :/ In the last 30 minutes I finally started shooting and stuff again, and I didn't crash. Could it take an hour and a half for the insides of a computer to cool down? With a big fan and AC on? :/ I hope so, because otherwise it's the zone or something else...

Another annoying non-event-related Dyna thing was that my poor kitty caused me to miss out on RDM gloves. She threw up a hairball on the carpet and I had to AFK a moment to clean it up. In that time the gloves dropped, they called all 72+s to lot (me! 75!), but I wasn't there. They got down to 65+ and lots of people lotted at that point, and mine wasn't the highest. :/ Luckily another pair dropped much later, but it was in the worst of my crashing so I didn't feel better until they actually dropped to me.

Only one pair of COR boots dropped, and they went to the COR 60 with points. I had hoped another pair would drop, but nope. Luckily they have amazingly horrible stats, so it's not a big loss, but I still would have liked them. :/

Other than that, I made ammo for another seven or so hours. x.x At least I'm done -- or I am until the fletchings I need are listed at the AH. I have a ton of demon arrows to make, just lacking the fletchings. Now Catsoup can go back to skilling! On... drum roll... sleep boltheads! Then we can start this process all over again. :P

Tomorrow: I finally return to the past! Sandy nation questline up to the BC, then probably Campaigning! Or something else! But fun stuff!
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