September 15th, 2008


Alchemy is killing me (with kindness...) (FFXI)

Catsoup did alchemy 60-68.5 in three hours tonight (and that's with making 10 stacks of animal glue to use), which means he could get his apron... if only he had the guildpoints. Darned alchemy is so fast to level that he hasn't had time to build up many GP. He has 40K, but he needs to buy a 20K key item (anima synth) to level further. Bah. He's never going to get his apron! :/ Luckily alchemy guild turn-ins are easy as pie -- none of the other crafts I've leveled have had such nice ones.

He ended up making 9 stacks of sleep bolt heads while skilling! Gah, that's going to be days of Fishingbot making them into bolts. At least those should sell better than darned blind bolts though...

Dyn-Windy is tomorrow, and surprisingly there's nothing there I want/need. No RDM, DRK piece I have, no COR piece. I suppose I'll lot the WHM feet if no one wants them (I could have sworn I got them already, but I can't find them in my safe/locker/storage... maybe I lost the lot.) One day I'll get back to leveling WHM, I'm going to finish that darned job by hook or by crook...

What an exciting post! zzz I haven't been doing anything interesting lately, I guess.
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