September 16th, 2008

Chi_Point and laugh

Irony (politics)

No, the irony isn't that I keep posting political stuff when it all annoys me! Ha ha.

I heard this on the news driving in to work today, and it amused me too much not to share. NOW, the National Organization for Women, is endorsing Obama. Ha ha ha, woman on one side, two men on the other, and who does NOW endorse? The side without the woman. :D Heehee. Yay!

FYI: NOW is not a political organization, they generally do not endorse people in any general elections, but their membership felt strongly enough about this race that they spoke up.

Yay for amusing, yay for who they chose to back! :D
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I'm a right-wing hippie! (political?, humor)

Okay, so this The Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator thing has been going around my flist. Usually I avoid memes and stuff of that nature (I spam enough with actual content!), but the results of this one amused me too much:

Thistle, if you were born to Sarah Palin, your name would be:

Gamebird Kelp Palin

Gamebird Kelp! *rolls* Even when birthed by one of the most right-wing women around, I remain a California hippie!

I should rename my journal that, I've not renamed it in ages. :D
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