September 18th, 2008


The Sandy_S questline is sad. :/ (FFXI)

Yay getting the last BC in the Sandy_S questline done!
Boo not getting anything else done. :/ I was supposed to help Ten once we finished, but she got her knot thingie to drop before we beat the BC. What I was really itching to do was to get back on the MUX and RP, but it was too late to catch the guy I was paused with by the time we were done. :/ Bah.

I really don't like the Old Sandy questline*, it depresses me RL (and would seriously depress Thistle ICly -- a lot more than it does me OOCly). Of course it's about the war, the whole expansion is about the war, but it's about young kids getting way too involved in it, growing up way too fast, dealing with things that are too adult for them, etc. They're way too young, they should be protected from this stuff, not permitted to get involved with it. :( I mean heck, just dealing with war stuff right now would be depressing, but tossing great little kids into the middle of it only makes it worse. (*I should say I like that I don't like it. The game bringing about strong emotions is a good thing, even if they're negative ones.)

The CSs continue to rock socks though. Check out the emotion! (No spoilers, just images.) The animation is outstanding as well, but that's impossible to catch in a screenshot (and believe me, I tried).

Catsoup hit alchemy 71 last night, but I'm dead in the water without memories (ha, that sounds different than it should). I'm hoping over the weekend people do stuff in the Promies and get lots of memories, then I can snatch them up off the AH (and I need to put an order in with Beanie's ENM crew, too). Luckily I was planning ahead and have been buying memories for a while now, but they only stack to 12 and it's 4 to a synth, so there's no way I could store enough.

Beastman blood, on the other hand, is easier to store! Bloody bolt heads are my next skill up item, so I'm laying in tons of blood and roots now. It'll be impossible to get a hold of enough to do 75-81 in one sitting, but I'm buying as much as I can find at the AH so that once I'm done with memories/anima, I can make another big push.

This weekend will be another weekend of massive ammo and NIN tool making. :/ I have almost 10 stacks of sleep bolt heads and 2.5 stacks of demon arrowheads to process, plus about 12 stacks of bast parchment to make into shihei. Blah. It's interesting that of all my mules (leather, gold, bone, wood, alchemy) that it's wood that makes the most money. I'd have thought it would have been gold.
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