September 20th, 2008


Sleepy Thistle (FFXI)

zzz Not overly exciting day, but busy/productive.

13 hours of ammo making = OW OW OW arm hurts. No more of that. Unfortunately I only used up half of my sleep bolt heads. :(

Ding alchemy 77! 0-77 in 15 days is just so amazingly silly. (I'm neither power-crafting nor rushing it, days have gone by that I didn't skill at all.) I almost feel bad for "wasting" one of my last mules on such an easy craft, but even if I'm not having fun/challenge skilling, he will be useful. Heck, he already is.

My plan was to do cooking as my last mule, but that's changed. I want more challenge than alchemy and cooking won't give me that... but that leaves the question of what Yagudokisses will do. Only crafts I don't have mules for are cooking, smithing, cloth. Cooking's out. I hate hate hate x74701701574031710 smithing, and hate only slightly less clothcrafting. I'll probably go with cloth though, since that'll be useful and I believe the LS is lacking a high level one (the ones we have are idle/gone, I think).

Dynamis was highly sad today. Sandy was taken, so we went to Qufim. I was happy to hear that, I wanted to see someplace new! But so many people were making unhappy noises, I couldn't understand why. Now I do. Even though we killed the two NMs who lock stuff, we failed to beat the megaboss. With 10 minutes left we tried to recover and made a second attempt weakened/3 minutes left, but unsurprisingly failed. Bah. We spent maybe a half-hour total in there, only got one piece of AF2, and it was just generally a waste. I feel bad for whoever paid for us to get in, since we didn't get much money either.

We're going to do Sandy mid-week and then Northlands on Saturday. I liked the original plan of doing ice midweek, since it seems like we'd be less likely to find another LS in the zone then, but today messed us up.

Sleepytime now. zzzz
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