September 22nd, 2008


These are a few of my favorite things~ (FFXI)

Man, I tell you, decorating my MH is my favorite thing to do on the game. How silly is that! In a world of giant dragons, horrible beastmen, tons of treasure to find... I like staying home and rearranging my furniture. An exciting day for me is when I get to go shopping!

And speaking of shopping, eeeeee! Thanks to new items added in the update (and an error on FFXI wiki's part), I got to buy something big and new today! Stupid wiki said the new Blue 9-Drawer Almirah was water energy. But it's not! It's ice! ICE! ICE! The exact moghancement I need for my leathercrafting! A big, powerful item! So I paid the way way overpriced price (double the price of a plain 9 drawer... to make the colored ones you just synth a 9 drawer with an ultra cheap little thing and you get the colored one), but yay! I'll never lose my moglification:leathercrafting ever again! (But this sort of decided it for me. I may not like clothcrafting much, but it is useful. Yagudokisses will be a clothcrafter.)

The plain ones are prettier than the colored ones, See? It's less decorated and red/gold is much prettier than blue/gold. Unfortunately I had to take one of my coffee tables out to fit that in. :( Coffee tables are my favorite items by far far far. I might have to sell one of my tea sets, too. There's just not room for both of them and the alchemy set on one table. :/ Either that or rearrange the other side of my house. Hmmmm.

I need to get this darned sceenshot out of my folder, that's the only reason I'm posting it now. (It's been in my 'to edit' folder for months!) Blackmail material for when Caboose comes back~! Kekekekeke.

Tomorrow is Dynamis! Yay! (I still can't believe I'm yaying that, heehee.) :D
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