September 25th, 2008


Anyone want a cat? ~.~ (RL, FFXI)

So. Very. Tired. I hate my brain. I love hate love hate my cat. Went to bed last night. Had the potential for six hours of sleep. Took three hours to fall asleep. >< As soon as I fell asleep, I startled myself awake. Repeat every 15 minutes for the next hour and a half. Then, an hour and a half before I was due to get up, the damned brat of a cat started meowing at the top of her lungs. Non stop. For an hour and a half. She's an indoor only cat, but I was damned close to tossing her out the door just so I could get a few more minutes of sleep.

Worst thing? Somehow in those little chunks of 5 or 10 minutes sleep, I had time for a horrible nightmare. ><

Stupid brain. Take my cat and go! zzzz


FFXI is really bugging me... or rather, I should say that my interacting with it is bugging me. I'm so amazingly sick of thinking about getting stuff! It started with this damned COR AF2. I think about it daily! "Will I have points?" "How many points does the other COR have?" "How many pieces will drop?" GODS ABOVE JUST STOP IT! I do not like wanting stuff! I'm this close to dropping out of my Dynamis LS just to get myself to stop doing this!

And it gets worse! Last night I spotted a COR with a bazaar up, so I checked him (I like looking at other CORs to see if there's something I should have that I don't). He had better gloves than I did! Blood Finger Gauntlets (ratt and racc +11! Three better than my gloves!) so I wikied on how to get them. ...Sky drop. Bah. I seriously (seriously!) thought about doing Sky so I could get them! For years (years!) I've been 100% certain that I did not want to do Sky (I don't even like going to Sky! I hate that darned zone you have to pass through and all of its monsters all over the place and magic aggro and if you die that's it arg!), but I seriously thought about it just to get something! &#*$&))!

And if that wasn't enough, the idea of making a Nyzul Isle static has been poking at me for weeks! Weeks! All so I could get Denali stuff which would be just for looks! Not even stats! Not something I'd use! So I've been planning to organize this whole big, hard event just for something looks-wise! Arg!

What the hell is wrong with me! I feel like a gear whore! Grr! This isn't me. I should just quit doing everything and go back to sitting in my corner and just crafting. I really, really hate wanting stuff, it feels dirty and wrong. "Stuff" is not the route to happiness! Arg!

Ranty, ranty, rant...zzzzz

(Note: Different people play the game for different reasons. If you're into getting stuff, I make no judgements on you. :) For me wanting to get stuff isn't something I like.)
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FFXI was nice to me tonight.

I have zero brainpower and even less will to do anything. Besieged was what I was hoping for (merits! easy!). And yay, we've had two attacks tonight and one more is about to hit! *pats the game* You get a cookie!

Thanks to kamalloy coming up with fitting text, my sig is finished! And I <3 it!

It amuses me, plus it fits Thistle totally ICly! He's as much of a knight as a pirate (Pirate Knight!) and so him riding in to unexpectedly save someone (especially a woman!) fits. Heehee. Yay!
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