September 28th, 2008


300 files down, 10,000 to go! x.x (FFXI)

After crashing in Campaign and losing roughly 2,500 XP, I decided not just to reinstall FFXI, but to download all the files again (instead of copying them from a backup). Biggest problem thus far: I can't find my Wings expansion CD! Arg! I'm 100% certain I would not have thrown it out, and my apartment isn't that big. I've looked everywhere for it! I hate to have to buy it again, especially since it's not even a good expansion, but I might have to. I know downloading expansions through BT is an option, but I wouldn't trust that I didn't get a virus or worm or something that way.

I wish I were more confident that this reinstall will help, but I'm not. My crashes happen during certain rather specific times: When there's a lot of animation going on on the screen. Besieged, campaign battles, Dynamis. Lots of people, lots of fighting. To me that seems more like a computer issue than a dat one.

Oh well, guess we'll see. Stupid missing CD though. I have no idea where it could have gone...

Most of the rest of my day was spent doing my daily work (made longer by the moon -- new moon as soon as I woke up = extra crafting, then right after that for digging for elemental ores = failed). By afternoon I scurried to Whitegate to rent that Kokba Hostel place for the party after my Dynamis LS leaders' wedding. It was a Windy wedding, which are my least favorite. I'm not sure if it was the location or their jobs, but I like it when the vows talk about their weapons instead of their armor/skills. (I have lots of screenshots for those who couldn't go, but I'm not going to open Photoshop while updating.)

Anyway, the couple seemed rather happy, and they got so many gifts they couldn't hold them all! Heehee. I gave them a coffee table (my favorite MH item in the game, not counting my ToAU flag), a pair of cacti, and some other little things.

Three and a half more hours on the download, which isn't that bad at all. I'm tempted to stay up until it's done, just to make sure it works and I can log in tomorrow, but work is going to be bad and I shouldn't short myself on sleep.

Really wish I knew where that darned Wings CD is though. Hm. Maybe I'll give it a week to see if I still crash, then after that copy the backup folder (month or so old) over the current one. That'd copy the missing Wings stuff over... wonder if that'd work. Wonder if the expansion changes the registry or anything... (I'm guess I won't know if I need to register the packs again until the download is done. If I have to do that, I'll need to buy new Wings since I don't have the number either...)

Edit: All done, yay! The default font kills my eyes, but I'm going to stick with it for a bit I think, just to see what happens. Highly oddly, POL remembered not just all the reg numbers but my login and password as well. I uninstalled everything first, so I have no idea how it did that...
Edit 2: Aw hell. I uninstalled all of FFXI and the expansion packs, but that didn't include POL. >< Bah. I'm probably going to have to do all this again. :( And I still haven't found the Wings CD!
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