September 29th, 2008

Chi_ :o

Nice photo (political... not really)

This really shouldn't need a 'political' warning, but I'm tossing one on just in case. It's a photo of Obama, but it could be anyone and there's nothing political at all about it.

Preparing for the debate...

I love how quiet the picture seems, the color of his suit, his clasped hands. The mirrors work really well, as does the lighting. Just a really nice photo. :)

I've just discovered the LJ image hosting ability, so hopefully my upload worked and everyone can see that. Yay no more needing to hotlink while at work! (I can't log into my webhosting here.)
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Problem solved? (FFXI)

As a test (and because I need more merits), I spent the evening going to Campaign battles. Almost 10K in one battle, two hours in the same zone, non-stop fighting, and I didn't crash once! I ended the night with 15K total XP and 0 crashes! Tomorrow will be a real test, as it'll be Dynamis night. *crosses fingers*

I never did find my Wings disk, but veloxe hooked me up with a download! <3

If you know Northstar and Neresh, or just like looking at wedding pictures, I uploaded a bunch tonight. through 7, just change the file name.

So I mentioned one of the things I did to try to fix the crashing issue was reduce clipping way down. It makes really funny effects like this: Oops! I broke Parade... Every city is like that, and it makes odd things happen with shops. The outside (back of the store) appears before the front of it, so it looks like it's totally open in the front. I can see NPCs and counters and everything.

Guess it's a short post tonight! So tired. Cat woke me up at 5 AM this morning by throwing up. In my bed. Under the covers. c.c By the time I had it all cleaned up, was too awake to think about going back to sleep.
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