October 2nd, 2008


5K XP in 5 and a half hours (FFXI)

Lord knows why I ever try to random party. I had a free night tonight, nothing planned, so I decided to work on PLD.

3.5 hours seeking. Tried to form parties, no go.
Finally got an invite. Waited an hour. One person was in Sandy and had no airship pass. I warped back to teleport her to the jungle. Two other newbies somehow took 40 minutes to ride from Jeuno to the Jungle in an airship.
Party finally started. Used my Anniversary Band. Still took an hour to get 5K XP.
Goblin aggroed. Being the stupid PLD I am, I voked it and ran. Even though I 2houred, I died before reaching the zoneline.

Seriously. It took me more than five hours to get from PLD 25 to 26, then deleveled. ~.~ Got my level back, left the party.

I do like the job, but who can justify that kind of waste of time? A whole evening and what did I get?

The irony of all this is: I was going to log onto the MUX in hopes of RP, but said to myself 'Why sit there and probably get nothing, when I could log onto FFXI and accomplish stuff?'. Ha ha ha, joke's on me! I ended up wasting time anyway and didn't get to RP at all. :/

Edit: Yay, alchemy 87! Should be able to get my apron within a week, too!
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