October 3rd, 2008


Bad random party, good RP! (FFXI, RP)

Okay, while I like playing PLD, I've had my fill of random parties for another six months.

Put my flag up. 10 minutes later got an invite! The guy (WAR 50-something, synched down) broke the party a few minutes later. Bah. Put flag back up.

Hour later same WAR invited me. As I hadn't had any nibbles, and next to no one was seeking (10 people LFP in a 20 level range o.O ) I accepted. Mistake. He was AFK lots, paid no attention to the party, all that. Finally the party set up ended as: PLD, WAR, WAR, MNK, DRK, RNG. He said "You'll be fine! Don't worry!". I said goodbye.

Only three hours to get from PLD 26 to 27, so at least that was an improvement over last night? :P


RP: YAY! Even though it was late, I logged onto the MUX to see if I could find a scene. Asked someone if he wanted to, he asked me if I had IM, and for some reason we started RPing there. Works for me! I like RPing on IM better, since then I can do things on FFXI and hear the IM ding and know to switch windows. RP! With a real person! After so long! Yay! Heehee, he's a funny character, too. RPing with canon FF game characters makes me want to know more about the games they're from. :D

Edit: Wow, I have no idea what this says, but that's some darned cool artwork.
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