October 5th, 2008


Shopping therapy, BST XPing, crafting (FFXI)

I don't know what sort of bug has gotten into my brain lately, but it decided to have me go random XPing again. (For those who don't know me, I hate XPing at all, let alone with randoms. I go XPing maybe twice a year outside of LS statics.) Since PLD was such a pain to get parties on, I decided to go with a DD job: BST. (Yeah, yeah, soloing, I know. I wanted to try it in a party.) An hour of seeking and no bites, so I decided to just make a party myself. Yay for level syncing. NIN was level 30 and WHM was 40, other DDs were all in that range as well, all synched down to 25 for me.

Amazingly, the party went well. (Might be caused by 4/6 of us being rank 10s and one person being from my Dyna LS.) Traditional party (NIN, BST/WAR for backup voke, WHM, BLM, MNK, THF) and no PL, but we had nonstop XP. Don't know what the WHM was doing, but he almost never ran out of MP. :) Eventually the WHM had to go and replaced himself with another WHM... one with no Cure higher than 1 and no Raise. Yeah. Replaced myself and scooted off.

Conclusion: DDing in a party is boring! I recall liking it as DRK, but I guess I hadn't leveled COR, BRD, or RDM at that point. There's noting to do! You just stand there on auto-attack and try not to fall asleep.

Anyway, after that I crafted. I have no idea why people think Goldsmithing people are rich. I lost 100K in one synth (and no, the profit if it had worked wouldn't have been that good... 20K tops). I make a crapton, a literal crapton, more money through woodworking. 1-3 synths = 4K gil in wood, fast selling, nonstop all day every day. It cost me many many many millions to do my goldsmithing mule, I'll never recover that money, but my woodworking mule has long since paid himself off. (I strongly suspect alchemy will be that way, too.)

And lastly, the loss of 100K in seconds depressed me, so I corrected it by spending more money! Ha ha. And best of all, I thought I was buying it just for COR but it's fine and dandy for DRK, too! Dusk Trousers. I had been avoiding getting them for COR because I'd lose the ratt on my other pants (Akinji Sav-whatevers, the HQ ones), but once I get my AF2 frac that'll be covered (and my Slug Shot misses are starting to annoy me, which also poked me in the Dusk direction). Now I can sell my HQ Thick pants (*sniffle*).

I'm afraid they look less good than my old COR pants though. Why are you wearing purple tights, Mr. Pirate? Why are they so darned skin tight? They look even worse on my DRK though. And man, doesn't my Hauberk look old fashioned? Armor nowadays is so colorful! It looks wrong to be so black.

Lastly, ha ha. Fishingbot ran into what must be a long lost family member!
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