October 6th, 2008


Coat of many colors! (FFXI)

Or rather, two coats of different colors? Okay, stretching for a subject line there.

My Tidal Talisman arrived today! Man, is the RL item ugly. Really really big (nearly as long as my pinky) and really thick/wide made of ugly metal. Even if I wore jewelry, even if it were pretty, the size alone would make me unable to wear it.

The in-game item is darned cool, but... I sort of question spending $50 on it. It looks great, it's a unique model, it does a very handy thing... and I know I'd buy it again, but I just wish the RL necklace was better looking. Someone had suggested using it as a Christmas tree decoration, but even if I got a tree at Christmas (never do), it's too ugly for that.

The other coat is that Catsoup finally got his alchemy apron! At alchemy 88, which should be a crime. Alchemy's just so fast to level that GP making couldn't keep up. It looks really good on him, too. :D And that Catsoup is a Galka makes that statement mean something!

And hey, since we're talking about clothing, how about COR pants? I didn't sell my Akinji Salvars last night. Would you believe they actually cost more than the Dusk Trousers did? c.c I think I'm going to keep them and just macro as needed.
Akinji Salvars: DEF: 30, HP -12, Ranged Accuracy +3, Ranged Attack +4, Evasion +4
Dusk Trousers: DEF: 47, HP +35, Attack +14, Ranged Accuracy +10 (If only that ATT were RATT I'd have sex with the trousers!)
Maybe I'll macro the Dusk in just for my Slug Shots, my normal shooting-for-TP seems mostly fine racc-wise.
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