October 7th, 2008


The good, the bad, and the ugly (FFXI)

Good: Alchemy 89. I think I need to work on some subs before he levels further. Blah. I kind of picked alchemy because I was sick of subs and thought I could get away with not doing them... (But maybe he'll be better at HQing bullets than Thistle does.)

The bad: Dynamis - Xarcabard. After seeing so many reports and screenshots of people getting 20+ drops, of treasure pools with multiple AF2s in it, man we had a sucky night. Five total drops, but three of them were in the first half hour, then the other two in the last half hour. Long long stretch with zero drops. And, unsurprisingly, none of them were COR. That's getting really old.

The Ugly: I'm doing guild turn-ins on three characters at the same time. c.c I decided that since Catsoup can make anima, that Chaser (gold) and Fishingbot (wood) might as well be able to make RR earrings and warp clubs, since I'll have no problem getting the anima to make them. Each key item costs 40K GP. I may just finally have gone insane.
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