October 8th, 2008


I don't think I can take another month of this...

There's an even worse political commercial airing here now. Anti-Prop 8 (same sex marriage).

Little girl, blonde, maybe 5 or 6 years old is sitting and reading a book. We can see the picture: Prince and princess in a castle, green dragon nearby.

Little girl looks up to her mother and says, "The prince is going to marry a prince!"

Mother gasps in utter shock.

Voice over, in the most doom and gloom, end-of-the-world tone you could imagine: "If Prop 8 passes, children will be taught that two men having a relationship is okay!"


I'm sorry, but what the hell? It's not? I see no mention of any issues with teaching kids it's okay for two people of opposite sex two have a relationship. Gods above, are we living in 1950? How in the world is this hatred acceptable? Would a commercial about the "evils" of a mix-race marriage be permissible to air?

I really don't think I can take this. Every time that damned commercial comes on I stop what I'm doing and glare at the TV. Bah.

Edit, quoting a post from trinityofone:

"The polls have turned, and right now it's looking like California's Proposition 8, which would take away the right to marry that California same-sex couples won earlier this year, may pass after all. There are good articles explaining what's happening here and here. The idea of this passing infuriates me, and it should infuriate you, too. I just donated money to Equality For All, and I think anyone who cares about this issue and has a little to spare right now should donate as well. Even if you're not a Californian, you'd be standing up for basic rights on an issue that certainly has nationwide—and even worldwide—ramifications. You can give as little as $5. That's less than the cost of a sandwich! (Well, in L.A. it is, anyway. :\ ) But just think about what a difference it would make if everyone in fandom gave just one day's lunch money."

I'm going to donate money tonight.

Edit 2: Man, look at the picture from one of those two links. How could anyone be against this? How can anyone not see that couple as being in love? How can any decent human being be against them being able to marry? Love is good! If you don't want to love someone of the same sex, then don't! But where do people get off trying to control what others do? It hurts, physically hurts in my chest, that people out there in the country could be so anti-love.... or rather "my love is the only acceptable love". Bah. :(
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