October 9th, 2008

Worried white cat

Images of the night, FFXI.

I had what was going to be the worst image ever posted in my LJ. A mix of gross and sex (sort of). But then I found something much worse and it killed my desire to even think about gross things tonight: The trouble with my random LJ image sites is that you never know what you're going to get. Okay, that's also the plus side, but tonight it really just killed my evening.

(I've never put a warning for text before, but if you like animals you might want to skip this next paragraph. ; ; )
I was scrolling down the page and came to a large image, big enough that I could only see part of it at a time. At the top of the image was a woman's foot in a shiny black high heel shoe, with a kitten weaved in around the heel. Scroll down. Woman pressing (looked like lightly pressing) the heel into the kitten's side, the cat looked like it was being played with. Scroll down. Kitten biting the shoe. Cute! Scroll down. Kitten asleep, heel right over the kitten's eye. ...okay, this was getting odd. Ha ha? Must be a joke? Threatening a cute kitten? *stupid me scrolls down* Kitten dead, head smushed, killed by the black high heel shoe's heel/point. Oh my god. D: D: D: D: D:

I can name nothing on the net which disturbs me. Tubgirl? Gross, but meh. 2girls1cup? Gross but so amusing when others see it. pain.jpg? I hosted that image for years and still use it as my anti-image stealing picture. This bothered me a hell of a lot. (And yes, I know there's a whole fetish about people who get off on women killing small furry animals with their high heel shoes.) Poor, poor kitten. I wish I could forget the sight of its blood and brains. I try to tell myself it was fake (I know it wasn't, but I'd accept a lie at this point.) Horrible people. :(

Anyway. Here are the two more positive images of the night:

Ten hamburgers to you if you can explain this.

This second link is NWS. Male/male sexuality warning. Is this hot or not? I've seen this posted a few places tonight, and everyone who posts it drools over it, but very oddly it does less than nothing for me. Pinned-against-the-wall should be hot. Blindfolding is hot. Their bodies are okay (not to my tastes, but not bad). It's just that something about it seems so... fake... to me. Even though they're kissing and so close, it feels like they have no connection. I wonder if it's just me though...


I want Catsoup to skill (alchemy) on cannon shells, which require smithing and goldsmithing subcrafts. Tonight I settled down to hack away at those. No exaggeration, goldmithing 1-13 was many times harder than alchemy 1-89 -- skillups were slower, it was way more annoying, and (while I know this part isn't true) it felt like it was a darned lot more expensive.

Hate gold.

Also did smithing 14-24. Reinforced my dislike of smithing. My last crafting mule will not be smithing for sure. Need ~5 more levels of smithing tomorrow though, then can go back to skilling alchemy for a while. (Though I may take woodworking to 55 for a bunch of "free" skillups later...)
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