October 10th, 2008


Save us from those who want to save us... (links)

Adult education student tossed liquid on a teacher because he believed she was a witch who needed to be purified.

"Najor also had a lighter and wanted to, in his words, "burn the witch." "

"...he was trying to purify the teacher with holy water."

I have no fear of so-called "witches", it's the religious people who are trying to "save" us that scare me.


In cheerier links, Nathan Fillion filmed nailing woman! Work safe, unless you get yourself into trouble by laughing out loud. :D Ending is very predictable, but it's still funny.


And for FFXI people, the Halloween event give-away item is darned cool! I want it!
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Pirates for Obama

Helpful Christmas shopping link & random images!

When I saw this shop linked elsewhere, I knew I'd have to share it with my flist. Visit here and buy things for your friends for Christmas! For your family! And especially for your online LJ buddies! The George W Bush store featuring its line of "Thank You President Bush" items! *falls over dead of amusement* I'm sooooo going to buy that yard sign!

For perhaps the first time ever, all wacky images of the day are work safe! Brain safe! ...well, okay, maybe the third one isn't exactly brain safe, but not in the usual way!

I can't explain this dance(?), but it's seriously cool. Is it a dance? Some wacky play? It came from a Russian LJ, so I have no idea! The colors and background are so pretty though.

Another one from a Russian LJ: I have no idea what the text in this comic says, but I sure do love that art style! I love the rat's expressions, and that purple rat at the end is really pretty.

Lastly, not brain safe, is zombies! Brrraaaiiins ...in a sippy cup, please? That's just too darned cool of an idea. If I didn't want to keep FFXI screenshots as my wallpaper, I'd totally use that.
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