October 11th, 2008

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National Coming Out Day (RL and FFXI)

RL: While today is National Coming Out Day, I find it sad that we need one at all. Hell, I find it sad that anyone needs to come out. Some people are gay, some people are straight, some people want to sleep with men, some people want to sleep with women, some people want to marry men, some people want to marry women. None of that should matter in the least.

You sleep with/marry whoever you want and let others do the same. One day we'll evolve and mature enough to get to that point. I hope I live to see that day.

I also have more random images to post, but I'll probably just save them until tomorrow -- I've already been writing this post for 2+ hours now. *so slow!* :P


FFXI: Dynamis - Valkurm was today, but luck was against us. We almost had the boss beat, but he charmed us at about 10%. Melees killed the mages, melees uncharmed, NM killed the melees, time ended. Cleanup on aisle Valkurm Dunes. Only had two AF2s drop in the hour we were there (BLU and SMN, both city pieces). I find it ironic that we're getting so much more BLU AF than COR (it's about 4:1 at least) -- it's so IC! Ha ha. :D

Alchemy is actually getting more amusing the higher I get. I did 89-92 in the space of an hour. Plus, thanks to planning, I had many, many of these:

Cannon shells ftw! That's why I got gold and smithing up to 5 levels below cap for them -- by skilling alchemy on them, I got five free levels of smithing and goldsmithing! Plus the alchemy skillups were silly-fast as well.

in one way, I'm happy I leveled alchemy. I had assumed that since I hadn't done post-60 alchemy yet, that it actually got harder -- that it was within lightyears of the difficulty of a "real" craft. In my mind I had been considering alchemy a "real" craft and giving alchemy 100 crafters the same respect I gave other crafters. I can't believe how totally wrong I was. (Sorry any alchemists reading this! :P ) It boggles me how easy and cheap it is to skill (I actually laughed out loud today as I got skillup after skillup -- not because I was happy for them, but because it was so amazingly easy, fast, and cheap.)

And, as funny as it is to say this now, I'm actually back to leaning towards cooking instead of cloth as my last crafting mule. Cooking's even easier than alchemy, but consumables are where the money's at...

Anyway, speaking of money, excuse me while I sob.


It's only a "zero" difference, right? D:

And lastly, still on crafting: There was a new moon Darkday today, and while it's been forever since I was able to catch one, I totally ignored it! Ha ha! I've been RPing for four hours now and I'm having a great time. :D I <3 the character (and player!) I'm RPing with. (Hopefully she doesn't know my blog though, otherwise I'll have to be embarrassed about saying that! She said she has lots of alts, so who knows if I know her!)

Yay RP!
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Chi_ :o

WoW made me do it! (WoW, links)

Two posts in an hour! That's unpossible! But wow (WoW)! I've never ever ever seen a fanart comm where every picture posted is outstanding. Comms always seem to have a couple people who can't draw but think they can. If you like WoW, or just like good art, check out wow_fanart! I've only gotten through 25 posts or so there, but wow, it's just all so good! (Edit: Okay, I found the 'can't draw' person. Oh well! Most of them are great!)

This is the picture that lead me to the comm. A purple cat thing! On an elf's head! I love the style and eee purple! So pretty!

Since I'm posting stuff, here are other non-WoW images!

"Dear? Can I have a cupcake?" Ha ha, I crack me up. But seriously, I totally have no idea what to think about that picture! I can't decide if it's disturbing or cute...

There are people like firebyrd who take My Little Pony toys and turn them into cool stuff. I love this one! Well, other than the eye, I'd rather see it with a normal eye. But wow, the mane and the tail are so well done! And the lollipop in its mouth is too cute!
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