October 12th, 2008


Harry Potter, (even more) hatred in America, Putin, and FFXI

Four topics, four tiny paragraphs! Eh, not counting this one!

Is this picture an official Harry Potter one? Or is it fan made? It's really nicely done (and hot and amusing) either way!

I'm so amazingly very happy that I don't live in a neighborhood where a sign like this one would be posted. God, how insulting.

It's very odd, but I'm finding Vladimir Putin more and more attractive. I really don't understand why, either. He's not exactly a good looking guy, plus he's 50-something years old, but he has an aura or something (though I hate to use that word...). Maybe it's his eyes? And is this the body of a 50 year old? Maybe it is his eyes, there's such a sense of power around him...

In FFXI, Catsoup hit alchemy 94.5. Unfortunately from here to 100 it's going to be slower, since I'll be held back by lack of materials (I can't exactly farm wyvern wings...). 92-94.5 was just as easy as the last couple days.
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