October 20th, 2008


Dance-off! (FFXI)

Blah Dancer. Too bad it's such a useful sub because it's such an annoying job to play. Flail! Twist! Twirl! Prance! Got four levels soloing today, 16 -> 20.

Adjusted my plan from last night. Not going to touch DRG again. If I go insane and decide to level it in the future, I can just buy armor back.

Remaining plan: MNK solo to 18 (15 now). DNC 20 -> 37 (partying, soloing, or both). Sell off HQ Bone and HQ Beetle armor sets. (Edit: I wonder at what level DNC switches to /NIN subjob? Maybe I don't need MNK to 18!)

New part of the plan: Get Katerwaul a locker which would mean (with the reduced armor) I could delete Yagudokisses. Which would mean... no more crafting mules. :/ Our LS has no high level alchemy people left, so it's good I leveled it on Fishingbot, but... my last crafting mule! D:
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