October 21st, 2008


1,870,000 guildpoints turned in... done forever :( (FFXI)

I feel like I've been fired from a job I enjoy. The gold turn-in was especially good today, so I was able to finish it on Chaser and get her last key item. I was really close on Alchemy, so it was no surprise that he got his 70K +1 item today.

And now I'm all done with guild turn-ins forever. :( Add onto that that I won't be doing another crafting mule (stop laughing!) and I really feel kind of lost at sea.

What in the world am I going to do with myself now? (And darn it, I was looking forward to breaking the two million mark on GPs.)
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Arrr! Happy day! Rum for all! (FFXI)

I still don't like the color all that much, but the shirt under it and the scarf around the neck are really pretty! :D See?

Now all I need is the hat and I'll be done worry about getting stuff! (Not counting the belt, since that's not an overly reasonable thing to hold my breath for. We do do CoP zones a lot (this Saturday, yay!), but the zone it comes from also has PLD-dropping things in it, and we have a long list of people who want PLD.)

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