October 22nd, 2008


Link, FFXI

This comic strip is very silly. Heeheehee. :D

FFXI: Wow, COR has spoiled me so much! I had to play BRD tonight and just... ugh. Songs last two minutes! What the hell! Corsairs' rolls last five minutes. So much time to do other things! Like shooting! What the heck does a BRD do while not singing? I mostly just stood around and watched the melees. (Couldn't cast on the NM, he reflects stuff.) And man, such ugly armor compared to... well... my ugly shade of blue yet beloved COR AF2~ :D

Grand total of the night: Dainslaif for a LS PLD, Dune Boots for philia, and some odd but cool-sounding DRG earring for kamalloy. We were supposed to kill Ungur for mertondew, but some people were already doing that so we moved it next week.

Tomorrow is my first night "off" in FFXI all week! Sheesh. I might work on DNC (I want to sell off that armor!) or I might deal with getting Katerwaul her locker (did Lure of the Wildcats on her today).

I haven't been on the MUX since Sunday (not counting quick checks to see if I have mail), which is sad. At least I have a scene on Saturday, and I was going to miss half of it due to Dynamis, but happily we're doing Bubu so it'll be a shorter run and I'll miss less!

zzz Sleepytime.
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