October 28th, 2008

Pirates for Obama

"I'm Joe the Plumber" (RL)

Help me out here. Does McCain think we're all stupid? Or that we don't follow the news at all? We've just started getting these "I'm Joe the Plumber" commercials running in this area:

Woman, man, teen, old person all repeat things like: "I'm Joe the Plumber, and I work hard for my money. Obama wants to make us pay over a trillion dollars in new taxes? I'm Joe the Plumber, and that's not right!"

Dudes, Joe the Plumber was a lie. He doesn't even have a plumbing license. Why in the world are they still using that at all? I'd have thought that they'd be embarrassed by the fact that everything they claimed about the guy was wrong and would hope that America forgot about it, not keep shoving it back into our faces...
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Hat hat hat! (FFXI)

YAY! :D :D So happy! And it matches the frac! Same silvery grey color on the hat's bandana as is on the frac's scarf. :D

Almost as good as actually getting the hat: I don't have to spend every second of Dynamis in fear that I'll crash and lose out on it. :P

We also tried the Dynamis Lord, but it didn't go as well. He did that bad TP move, Oblivion Smash, twice with no delay between them, just totally back to back. Killed nearly every single melee, and that was about the end of that.

Just need the boots now and I'll be 5/5! We're starting a tour of the cities next, so hopefully I'll get them then! And hopefully we'll do Dunes again soon and get the belt! (But not too soon, don't want to miss out while I'm on vacation. :P )

I have such a headache now, but it was worth it! :D

Edit: With all that good, I forgot the bad of the day. Welcome to goldsmithing, where you can lose 500K in one synth...

This is the second time Chaser has done that, too. ~.~
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