October 29th, 2008

Cat before moon

You know you're tired when... (RL)

You know you're tired when it's too much effort to click a LJ cut.


Last night I was exhausted at 8 PM. An online event started late, thus ended late, so we didn't finish until about 8:30. I was ready to go to bed, but I had to clean up the apartment and make a call and stuff. Done by 9 PM. More than ready to go to bed. "9 is too early! I'll wait a little longer!" 9:30, couldn't focus on the computer screen any longer, so got ready for bed. In bed by 10 PM.


God help me, I'm going to stab my brain one day. I was bouncing with energy until about 1 AM. Drifted off to sleep. Had a dream I was in college and so lost that I couldn't find my class... but I had instructions on how to get to the class! ...but I couldn't read them! And hey, where'd my clothing go? (Such a stereotypical stress dream. Can't you be a little more creative about it, brain?)

2 AM woke up and couldn't go back to sleep. Said to myself, "Hey, at least tomorrow is Saturday so I can sleep in!" Slept for 15 minutes, startled myself awake. "Tomorrow's not Saturday! It's Wednesday! Am I late for work?! GOTTA GET UP NOW!"

I think I slept maybe an hour total last night. God. zzzzz I don't drink coffee, but I'm almost willing to start this morning.

Stupid brain.

Edit: Oh god. And images I so totally don't need this morning. Work safe. Brain not safe. Political. Gah.
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2 cats 1 cup

One of the stranger pictures I've posted in a while...

I can guess at the origins of many pictures I post, but this one has stumped me. Is it some kind of really odd fetish? Would doing this somehow feel good? Maybe it's some kind of costume and she's supposed to have... alien eggs in her legs? I'm really lost...

Image here. Warning: Woman is topless, though has ...something... over her nipples. It might be magic marker or ketchup, but either way it's NWS.
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