November 7th, 2008


Rather random picture and FFXI

A goldstar to anyone who can explain this picture. I'm guessing it must be sexual, but it's totally work safe. I can't tell if the person being held is male or female, but I don't think knowing would clear it up at all...


FFXI: zzzzzzzzzzzzzz Such a busy day. Soloed DNC from 32 to 34 (zzzz so sick of that job), then LS static needed a 6th so I jumped in and got to 36 on it. One more level to go!

I noticed Katerwaul (bonecrafting mule) had a 30 slot gobbiebag still o.O so I decided to upgrade it. Bought all the stuff, got her to Jeuno... and discovered she didn't have any fame at all. Bah. Carted 20 stacks of moss to feed the sheep, made the long trip on foot, then came back and turned all the items in.

I had forgotten how tired playing the game makes me. I really don't understand how that can be, but I'm more tired from sitting on my butt all day playing than I was from spending the whole day shopping.
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