November 9th, 2008


Non-random images and FFXI

So there's a city named Obama in Japan, right? Someone made an Obama picture in the cool style of that Japanese video game with the wolf spirit thingie. Cool even if you don't know the game!

PS: This isn't my fandomsecrets, but it could be! Putin/Obama, mmmmm.


I haven't taken many screenshots lately. I need to get better about that.

We killed Ungur for Mert (LS THF) a week or two ago. (Way more people than was needed, yes. Wednesday nights is a LS social event, so even if we do a small NM, lots of people come.) Unsurprisingly, the fight was fast and painless. Poor dragon didn't know what hit him.

On Saturday I got my last piece of COR AF2~! Blue ribbons everywhere!

I have to figure out what to make my main lot next. I'd use RDM more, but if I finished DRK I could store the set (plus I'd hate to take RDM hat/body away from people who come as RDM all the time... but I could say the same of DRK or any other job). I suppose if I did BRD I could sell off my current BRD armor... I need head/body on both RDM and DRK, and all but hands on BRD. Mostly the only thing I really want is my COR belt, I should ask if I could just not have a main lot and save my points for that. *sends a message off asking that*

And joy of joys, I finally got DNC to 37! So happy to be done with it. I can't believe how overpowered it is though. I partied on it for the last level (soloed most of the rest) and I was not just DDing, I was healing better than the erase-less WHM (I could cure and erase) plus defense/evasion down the mob, plus gravity it... That darned job needs some alone time with the nerf stick.

Don't know what I'll do in the coming week. I've started rewatching Firefly (OMG so good!), but I'd like to have some new goal in-game. Maybe I'll just turn WoW back on for the month...
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