November 10th, 2008


What a welcome bac-- *CHOMP!* (WoW)

Afternoon movie ticket price: $9.95. (Hour and a half long movie.)
Small popcorn: $4 (?)

Month on WoW: $15

I turned the game on for the month. Download/update took a good seven hours (!!!), and the registration site was down for hours, but eventually I got on.

Monsters (flying dragons and giant undead thingies) were attacking the city (go go go Besieged?), so I checked that out for a while.

Unfortunately Every Single Plugin stopped working. >< I found a bunch of them, but I'm still missing some. Will deal with it tomorrow. Unfortunately my macro/button bars are all messed up, bah.

WoW finally (finally!) got a windowed mode! Yay! That's very handy.

I hit 300 in skinning, which unfortunately is my cap. (I still don't have the BC expansion pack, maybe never will.)

Flying around is still my favorite thing in game. Flying and the Hunter (BST) pet system are the two things I'd really, really, really like to bring to FFXI. <3 my ghost kittypet.

zzzz Sleepy, but darned trolls are headed in to attack the city (in FFXI). Guess I'll wait for them.
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