November 11th, 2008

Chi_Point and laugh

A meme I can get behind!

Answer the following question. Post it in your own LJ if you like! Heehee. :D

If you saw me being driven by in a cop car, what would you assume I had been arrested for?
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Dynamis and WoW and TV/anime and RPing

Darned WoW was down all afternoon, the time I wanted to play. Well, I should say "the time I had time to play", I didn't have any great desire to log on. (It's XPing and farming, I really could do that on FFXI if I wanted to.) I watched that opening login animation for a while, with the dragon flying in and landing. Between that and the music I was entertained for a time.

I'm almost out of Firefly eps to watch. Gah! I can't believe I waited this long to rewatch it, it really was one of the best things ever shown on TV. It should have lasted for seasons and seasons.

FFXI: Dynamis Jeuno tonight. I keep getting bored ~20 minutes into runs. Blah. As entertainment, while we were gathering to go in I made everyone line up according to color (the blank spot at the end was where I stood, with whites and blues off the screen). I had a good 25 or so people organized before things fell apart! I got DRK pants, which puts me at 4/5. I love how mannequins can wear multiple sets.

I can't decide if I should try to catch up with Bleach or Death Note. I'd have to start from the beginning in either (it's been so long since I've seen them). I'm sort of leaning towards DN I think... though I really could just catch up with both, they were both good series. Either way, with my time off now's the time to do it...

I'm in an annoyingly dry spell RP-wise. So hard to find a scene, even when I'm logged on all day. :/ I have to be on FFXI tomorrow night, but I guess Thursday I'll log on and sit around on the grid again, see if I can get any interest.
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