November 13th, 2008


Web hosting recommendations?

When I contacted my web hosting about yesterday's issue (Google thinking my site does Bad Stuff) I was told that in less than a month he'll be shutting down his servers. Bah.

Anyone have recommendations for new web hosting? Simple is better (I think I won't worry about the site at all, just have it be a dumping place for all my screenshots and various images, no more actual pages). Price isn't as important as ease of use and support.


Edit: Dreamhost is having a good sale (unlimited space and bandwith for as long as you host with them) so I went with them. Trying to get everything set up now. Thanks for the recs!
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Come back, homepage! ; ; (site, WoW)

I miss my homepage! A handy little lightweight page with nothing but a list of links I use every day. It's so hard to get by without it!

New site is not up and running yet (they said it would take up to 24 hours for the DNS thingie to update itself). Hopefully tomorrow I can get it back into shape and get everything back online.

Unrelated: Gmail has decided that random LJ comment emails are spam. ~.~ I found a bunch in my spam filter that I never saw! I'll be going back and replying to them tonight and tomorrow, so if you never got a reply in the past and get one now, that'll be why.

I spent much of the day on WoW, which is related to my new record: Three levels in one day! The previous record was two in one day, but I only did that once ever. I hate XPing, so I'm not sure how I accomplished this (other than a crapton of rested XP). I'm 46 now! I thought there was a new mount thingie at 50, but I guess it's 60. I'll be lucky if I hit 50 before my month of playtime ends. :P

People are so amazingly rude on WoW. (Sure FFXI has some rude folks, but they're really rare compared to WoW.) In today alone I had one high level person (showed as ??? to me) follow me making rude gestures at me endlessly (I think he was on the other side and trying to get me to fight him). Another ??? followed me killing all my quest mobs with AoEs. c.c (I think he was on the other side, too. *googles* Yeah, okay, he was. Still, that was really rude. ) Then a group of three ??? people surrounded me and tried to stop me from leaving while making "rude gestures" (whatever the macro is for that, /rude?). Welcome back to high school! And I had one person who told me to move my "smelly cow butt", though that was more cute than insulting. :P

While it shouldn't, it still boggles me just how easy the game is. Rude folks aside, it's just so nice and peaceful. It's... non-demanding. Enter a new area? There's no need to worry about aggro, the game tells you without even entering a single command! Wonder if you can take on a mob? Just click on it and you get its level! The cartoon-like graphics add to the non-demandingness of it. It really is like a MMO vacation spot.

Oh! And I found a real elite mob! And I got lucky with it, too. It was the end of the night and I was tired, steps away from finishing my last quest. Lord S-someone or other was standing in my way. Grey fancy stuff around his name. He was the same level as me so I shouldn't have jumped him, but I just wanted to finish the quest so I could warp home and finish for the night. Oddly, he was even easier than normal mobs of his level. o.0 I guess I got really lucky. (And he dropped some staff for me, too.)

PS: I really like trolls. The hot adult fanart of them on wow_fanart doesn't hurt at all! NWS! Like this one (mmmm, belly!) or this one (love his hand! And the cowgirl is pretty, too!). Linked at their original sources, not on my site.

Edit: A queue to log onto your MMO server sucks. c.c
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