November 14th, 2008


I think we're back in business! (site, RL, WoW, FFXI)

Yay my site is back up and running! Of course, since I deleted all the html files, that doesn't mean all that much anymore.

Would someone do me a favor? I never heard back from Google, but could someone tell me if you're still getting a warning when looking at stuff on my site? Random image, work safe. (Edit: Er, I guess it's work safe. Two anime guys playing basketball, though I took the screenshot because it looked like something else.) It was surprisingly hard to find a good "random" image to use! I have so much freaky and/or NWS stuff! :P

Assuming Google removed the black mark from Catlove, I can put my sig and avatar images back into place. Whew!

RL: I can't believe my vacation is almost over! D: D: D: A couple days next week, then I go back. It's been way too nice being off all this week. Can't say I slept in much (slept in until 8 AM once, 7 AM a couple times, otherwise up at 6 AM), but it was still relaxing and I got lots of stuff done.

WoW: Today was the opposite of yesterday, in pretty much all ways. I played almost as long, yet I got just a quarter of a level worth of experience (and most of that from filling in my map by visiting random places). I didn't feel like traveling, so I did the leftover green quests in the area I was. One of them took a couple hours to try to find the damned NMs to kill (or whatever they call non-elite NMs, named quest mobs), and I never did find the second one so that was a total waste of time. (Yes, total waste. Even though the quest was green, the mobs were grey/gave no XP. Bah.) I had the coordinates for the NMs, but they weren't where they said they should be. I did a second green quest in the area (kill trolls, collect 25 whatevers) even though they too gave no XP. Why'd I stick with it? It was listed as giving 14,800 XP!! Which would be the most XP I had ever gotten from a quest! Collected my 25 thingies, turned them in... got 4,800 XP. >< >< >< Whoever entered that figure made a little typo. ><

Continuing in the 'opposites', I met a nice person today, though I sure am confused. She asked me if I knew where something was, I apologized and said I was new and didn't, so she offered to help me if I needed it. She was a night elf, so I was confused how she could /whisper to me -- aren't you not supposed to be able to do that across Horde/Alliance lines? Or did they change that? Maybe I was confused and she wasn't really a NE...

On FFXI, I got a crapton of crafting done. I made 21 stacks of Prism Powder basically for free! (I had to buy two stacks of light crystals, that's it.) I dig up tons of flint stones in chocobo digging. 8 + fire = glass fiber. Go from there to the powder. Yay free money! Did a lot of "clean up" crafting as well, though I still have a bunch to go.

Edit: 500 person/hour long queue to log onto WoW. ~.~ I want my money back.
Edit 2: I shouldn't have complained. 1,136 people queue, 3+ hours wait. >
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