November 15th, 2008


These games are too much like work... (FFXI, WoW)

I actually wasn't intending to log onto WoW today, but since I got so little done yesterday I ended up spending most of today there. I found a new area (Hinterlands) which was perfect level-wise. I did a ton of quests (and got a new fishing pole, woo!) and got a level and a half.

Unfortunately I gave myself a major headache on what was a stupid thing. I found that Horde town (Ravenclaw Village, I think it was? Edit: Oops, Revantusk Village. WoW meets Harry Potter?) but it was down low and I was up on a cliff and I could find no path down. I knew it was too far, but I jumped and unsurprisingly died. No worries, I expected that. However, I couldn't find the path back up either. >< I spent more than an hour wandering way up the coast, trying to climb up every indent I could find, and with the damned horrible WoW camera system (why yes, I enjoy having a close up of the ground, or perhaps seeing nothing but the sky, thank you! And heaven help you if you even approach a tree... what, you wanted to see something besides a close up of the leaves?) I gave myself a serious headache. (Eventually I found it though, bah.)

FFXI was more annoying. Dynamis, which I wasn't in the mood for (I seem to be less and less in the mood for it with each run). We were going to do Sandy, but that was taken so we went to Beaucedine. Six of one, half dozen of the other. The most annoying part was when I died (the one time I was one of the few people dead instead of a whole wipe). A BLM asked me if I wanted a R1. The rule is we're not supposed to refuse whatever raise is offered, so I kept my mouth shut and hoped she'd get the clue. (Every single WHM was standing, there was zero reason for a R1.) She offered R1s to other people, no one wanted one. Finally a WHM headed for me... and the BLM announced she was R1ing me. >< Yeah, thanks for that needless XP loss...

I got BRD body, but it's basically a 'just so I can store the set' piece. Unfortunately, unlike the other pieces, I can't sell the non-rare/ex item I currently am wearing in that slot (Yigit).

Who knows how, but we timed out in Dynamis in less than two hours. o.O I'm sorry people lost money, but man was I glad for the quicker ending. I /shutdown as soon as I was D2ed home.

No clue what I'm going to do tomorrow. I "should" do Campaign and fix my buffer and get the last merit I need, but Campaigning is the last thing I want to do. I'm also WoWed out though, so... Maybe I'll hunt down Death Note and start watching that...
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*rubs head* BT and Comcast

And I totally forgot that Comcast blocked BitTorrent. (I haven't tried to use it in years.) Anyone know if there's a way to get around it? Or a way to download anime other than BT?

What a frustrating day today has been. :P

Edit: How odd. All I did was close and open the program again and now it's working. Maybe Comcast lifted the ban? Who knows...
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