November 16th, 2008

Smile! (PoT/Momo)

Anime recs?

BT isn't working very well (I'm generally getting 30-50 KB/second, though now and then it shoots up to 500-600 for a moment or two before falling back down to the double digit range), but between that and direct downloading I can get stuff! I'm not sure why I stopped watching anime (too much FFXI, most likely), but wow there's so much good stuff out there!

If you liked Gunslinger Girls (and if you like mature storylines with very morally disturbing subtones how could you not?), there's a second season finally out! You can direct download both the original and the new season here. The first season was one of the best series I've watched, and the second one looks like it'll match it.

It only took a full day, but Death Note finished downloading through BT. I think I've only seen the first 20 or so eps, so there's plenty of new stuff ahead! (I'm going to re-watch it from the start though.)

I picked a random series to try out, and ended up with Blassreiter (download here). I dislike the anime style (too obviously done by computers) so it's hard to fairly judge the storyline. I think I'm not liking it though. (Motorcycle racer gets into a crash, basically makes a deal with a drug company/the devil and becomes some crime-fighting monster thing.) Sometimes checking out a series at random will work out (I found Dear Boys and Whistle! that way), but other times... meh. I'll probably watch the second ep I downloaded, but I doubt I'll grab more.

So, any recs? My tastes tend towards dark, serious, angsty. Sex is fine, gore for gore's sake is less so. I stongly dislike princesses, girls in pink fluttering and sparkling around -- silly fluffy stuff.



WoW: I logged on today, even though I hadn't planned to. Shouldn't have. Did one quest, though it took me a couple hours. Had to go to the opposite side of the world, into an area that was a tad too high level for me. (The quest mobs were the right level, but all around me were aggro things that wanted to eat me alive.) When I finally finished the quest, I realized there was a flight master in the town on the opposite side of the zone. Sigh. How could I leave without getting it? So I got on my mount and rode as fast as I could, hoping nothing would eat me before I outran it. Fun (not). The plan was made harder because the place was swampy, so every now and then the water would be deep enough to "knock me off" and make me swim... allowing the mobs to catch up.

FFXI: Funny how WoW making me grumpy makes me fall back into love with FFXI. I didn't do much other than run around and do light crafting, but I loved every second of it. No adjusting my camera every fricking five seconds so I can see where I'm going, and controls are better than second nature.

More RL/anime likely tomorrow. Ha ha on you MMOs! :P
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