November 18th, 2008


Catch up post! (FFXI, WoW)

I've not been posting much lately, so there will be lots here. Screenshots, too!

First, how exciting! On this night in 2005, I beat Maat! :D "Happy Maat Mashing Day!" as Renard put it!

Second: Dynamis - Beaucedine was tonight, and we finally had a run like people were posting about when drops were first increased! 15 drops! I got RDM body and BST feet (freelot). RDM AF2 sure does look spiffy on my model! That makes me 4/5, just need the hat. :D I'm tempted to sell my scorp harness +1 now, since I can wear that to Campaign (the rare times I go), but if I ever solo stuff on COR I might need it... *ponders*

Speaking of Campaign, since today was the last day of my vacation (*SOB*), I made myself do that. I got my merit #5 and did my final upgrade (downgrade?) to Random Deal's timer. That puts me 6/10 on the first group and 8/10 on the second for COR, but I really have little idea what to do from there. Nothing jumps out at me as really needed... *ponders more*

My linkshell did two nights of Bomb Queen runs. Fight and drops on my pop. Avengers went to a confused LS MNK 75 who was oddly overly pleased by them (and debates the value of Destroyers). *does not ponder to avoid head hurting* Oh and don't ask me what Desant is doing to Renard. *cough*

This is why I still do the Hot & Cold minigame. Check out that treasure pool! A 50K flower pot. A coral bit I can make into a reraise haipin (20K value, I think?). The med is worth 5K. Peas are vendor trash. Buck slip is good for 5 chocobucks.

And this is why no one should ever level goldsmithing:

Let me tell you the history of this synth. I'm trying to make a ring for myself. It takes an ori ring (ori ingot x2) and a cut elemental stone.
Attempt 1, just cutting the stone: Failed, stone lost. 100K gone. (Chaser is 20+ levels over cap.)
Attempt 2, full snyth: Cuts the stone successfully. Crit fail on ring. Ring and stone gone. 500K gone.
Attempt 3, just cutting the stone: Failed, stone lost. 100K gone.

That's 700K lost to try to make one item. With her well over cap. This is why I laugh at people when they claim cooking/alchemy are hard. ;)


WoW: As much as I put down the graphics on WoW, they do do two things well: Water and the moon. The last few times I've been on, I've only been fishing. One night I watched the moon rise while I fished.

How can the water look so realistic in such a cartoony game? I had been swimming up and down the coast to get those pools of fish thingies.

If you could take the characters out of this shot, it could pass for not cartoony at all! I <3 nighttime in the game. Everything's so dark and peaceful.

Moon rising over a village. Pretty sky!

Hm, these screenshots make me want to keep the game turned on just so I can go and hang out and relax and fish sometimes. :P

A few nights back I mentioned that I found an elite mob, but Kirby pointed out it was the wrong color, so it wasn't really one. The next night I found one with gold around the name! Hello there, big fellow! Unfortunately a few minutes after that shot was taken, he snuck up behind me and killed me. :P

And lastly, when I had been playing last year, this NM killed me and kept interrupting my quest. He tried to do the same while I was fishing (twice!) so it was very satisfying to kill him now (twice!). Deepstrider Someoneorother

I've been thinking about WoW a lot lately, and I wonder if people have an opinion on this. I don't think I can be fair about it, because I like FFXI more and FFXI is such a different game and because I don't have a strong background in video games:

Is WoW coded lazily or am I just not aware of something that's normal in games?

While the full moon is beautiful, it bugs me a heck of a lot that it's always full. Wouldn't it be easy as pie to have it go through phases? Why doesn't WoW have that? I'd guess that traditionally video games would have a static moon, but since they have day/night cycle, why doesn't the moon change as well?

The auction house is the other part of this. It bugs the heck out of me, too. Yes, with a plug in the auction house can be used fine. But what was it like before this plug in existed? Did the game designers expect people to just randomly guess at a price for something they wanted to list? Were they planning to come back and improve the AH themselves, then when the players made a plug in they didn't have to anymore? What's the reasoning/excuse/logic behind such a poorly planned AH? (Or is that how auction houses are in all MMOs and FFXI just has an outstanding one?) For non-WoW people: WoW's AH has no price history at all. If someone else isn't selling what you want to sell, you have to 100% guess at a price for it. With the player-made plug in, history can be built up as you visit the AH, for easier listing later.

BAck to work tomorrow! *sniffle*
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