November 24th, 2008

Cat shrimp (hungry now?)

I need this. In my mouth. Right now. *homer drool*

Deep-Fried Stuffing on a Stick. Any food is better when placed on a stick! And frying stuffing? *drool*

If I weren't scared to death of frying things, I'd be so tempted to try to make this. Nevermind I've never attempted cooking anything with more than four ingredients and with half that many steps.

I can't watch Paula Deen. Her accent makes me want to claw my ears off. But she sure did have a good idea here!
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Can't sleep, plotbunnies will eat me! (RP)

It's been ages since I've been so excited about RP. :D The MUX I'm on did a big worldwide event thingie which basically mixed the playerbase all up (literally, not mentally). The way I understand it, there were a handful of rooms designated as 'meeting places' and then they randomly (or not so randomly?) sent every player to one of those rooms.

I ended up with a fun group of people! I feel bad that I don't know the FF games other than FFXI though, I feel like I should know more about their characters. There's Vincent (all I know about him comes from ani_mama's artwork. So he's totally gay, often blushing, and in a sweet relationship with Cid, right? And he has a funky golden hand and sometimes has wings? ;) ). Amusingly, I also have Cid (they haven't kissed yet! I'm thinking about demanding my money back!) whose character I know somewhat from FFXI. We also have a chick named Eight, but I'm not sure if she's an official character or an OC. Rounding out the group is Cid's wife(?) who I'm nearly certain is an OC.

Before this event, I thought good RPers on the MUX were few and far between. In fact, there was only one really good RPer (not counting people I knew pre-MUX). I guess it was just that I was stuck in one city and hadn't gotten to RP with lots of other people yet. Everyone in my group is a good RPer!

I was worried at the end of tonight's scene -- Thistle was ICly headed back to where he was pre-event, being (ICly happily) stuck in Vector again. I think I can wiggle out of that while still staying IC though. I OOCly love Vector, and Claria is my favorite person to RP with, but I'd like to stick with the airship people and see the world and meet more people to RP with.

I RPed all last night, all tonight, and we're going to continue the scene tomorrow (so I'll either leave early from or (more likely) totally skip Dynamis tomorrow). Five people make the posing round go slowly, especially when two of them tend to be a little slow to begin with (I'm told one's a staff alt and often is running another scene and the other probably has that 'has a ton of alts' thing that people are so big on -- sometimes I think I'm the only person on the game playing just one character!), but still! It's fun to be excited about it, to know I can get RP instead of not bothering to log on because I'd just sit in an empty room alone for eight hours before giving up and logging off! :)

Late to bed again! zzzzz :D
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